Passing Steps

I see everyone that passes me.
What colour shoes they wear,
Whether they have stockings or pants on.
They don't know they are being watched.
I hide in the dark, away
From the bright sunlight,
For if I happen to step out,
Someone will either scream or kick me away.
The gutters are cool and damp,
Not hot and humid as where the humans walk.
I've watched for a long time -
People passing.
I can tell what they are like
Just by their steps.
Some steps are sturdy and sure,
Others walk quietly, quickly,
Avoiding any notice.
I can relate to these people,
And perhaps, if they stop
To think about me some day,
They might be able to relate
To me, too.

Author's Note: Could you guess from whose point of view this came from?
It's no secret, but it would be interesting to see what people think.
Soleil Antoinette