Her dad handed her the keys
and told her "Be careful. Remember
don't drink and drive home."
She smiled and said "I won't Daddy,"
as she skipped out the door.
At the party, she met up with
a cute, older guy.
They talked and he brought over
some drinks from a nearby table.
He pressed her to drink it
even though it was filled with alcohol.
An image of her father appeared in her mind.
"Don't drink and drive," he had said,
but she drank it anyway.
Later as she was driving home,
swerving only slightly,
she ran a red light
and hit a car.
The other driver died,
but she lived on.
She saw her daddy at the hospital,
crying by her side.
"I'm sorry Daddy," she whispered
reaching out for him.
"Me too," he replied, walking out the door.