FIVE - One month later -
James and John and been begging and pleading, fasting and practicing the silent treatment. All in hopes that their mother would reconsider and take Maggie in. Logan even joined in every once in awhile. He couldn't understand why he would want someone like her anywhere near him. But he did. She wasn't like anyone he knew, of course he didn't live downtown, either. The month seemed to go by fast for Logan, school and his job as a DJ taking up most of his time. But he made sure to come home every weekend and spend some time with his brothers, keeping promise. The Lockhart family was sitting down to dinner when the doorbell trilled through the house. John jumped up from the table and rushed to the door, (a thing he had taken to doing ever since his sister left - in hopes that every time the door bell rang, his sister would be on the other side.) Moments later a cry of jubilance came from the front of the house and soon John was back in the dining room with his sister in tow. Logan got up from his own chair, to pull one out for her, once she was seated he pushed it in, then got her a dinner set. With a bashful smile, she began putting food on her plate, all the while answering questions of what she had been doing all month, as well as asking her own.
Months passed like this, and with each came more urgent pleading from the Lockhart boys. Still the lady of the house refused to take Maggie in. Throughout this time, Logan and Maggie began getting to know each other better. He took her out to dinner or to some movie that she had been wanting to see, as well s to the mall, buying her new clothes. Soon they began feeling a sense of romantic longing. By the time Maggie finally turned eighteen, it had been a little over a year, and Mrs. Lockhart still had not changed her ideas of the MacKenzie girl. Logan, deciding that it was ridiculous, both that his mother wouldn't help the young woman get back on her feet, but also that Maggie couldn't see her brothers more than once a month, asked her to move in with him. Much to his mothers displeasure, Maggie agreed. The MacKenzie boys took to spending much of their time on the weekends at Logan's apartment. Maggie got a respectable job as a waitress, while she attended school. To everyone's surprise, Logan's father absolutely loved Maggie, and supported their relationship wholeheartedly - he even paid for their wedding ceremony two years later. A/N - alright, I admit. For how long it tool me to pop this load out, it should be better. Well. w/e I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks bunches.