All I ever wanted,
Was a daddy to hold me tight,
When the world abandoned me.
All I ever wanted,
Was a daddy,
Who loved me for me.
Is that too much to ask?

I try to push you,
Out of my mind.
I try to make you,
Non-existent in my world.
But you wont disappear,
That easily.

You left scars,
On my heart,
My mind,
My face.

I lost all my love for you,
Its been replaced with hate.

I can't stand your voice,
Your presence,
Near me.

I need to get away,
Far away from you.
Because if I stay here,
My life will be ruined.

It started off great,
You were always there.
Or at least how I remember it.
Then you changed daddy,
Or maybe I opened my eyes,
Realized who you really were.

You didn't want me to see,
How vulnerable you were.
You didn't want me to find out,
All the secrets you keep hidden.
But I know.

I was once afraid,
When your temper rose.
And I admit,
I still am.
But half that fear has turned,
To rage.
And I'm angry with you,
I want to yell,
And scream,
At you.
For all the things you missed,
All the years you were too busy,
For me,
Your daughter.

I thought you loved me daddy,
But I was wrong.
You lost the love I had for you,
You lost that place in my heart.

Are you happy now?