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Places I'd rather never be

Places I'd rather never be. I could sum up quite a few. First period English on a Monday morning. The doctor's, at any moment in time. Sitting with my family at dinner after report cards have arrived.

Right here, with you, right now.

That's the burning screaming one that tears at the inside of my gut every moment that I spend here which has only been about twenty minutes. From the moment I sat, til the moment we touched, to the moment where we weren't we anymore. At that moment when it wasn't us, but US.

Places I'd rather never be; sitting here, with you as you murmur mistake while sitting on the opposite end of the bed from me, hands in lap. Right here while your crying. Right here with my lip-gloss smeared. Right here with no dignity left to wipe it. Right here while I feel defeated with my breathing in harsh gasps. Right here where I ache to touch you and your cheeks burns in the light that caresses your face instead of my hand.

Whisper it again and tell me it was wrong. Stop whimpering and look at me and tell me I was wrong. Tell me this is over, so I can leave and I can cry and you can pretend it never happened. Finish what I started and tell me I'm immoral. Finish what you started and stop giving me mix signals. Stop giving me those looks and pretending that you're sorry.

Places that I'd rather never be; right here, lying and saying I'm sorry. Right here, when your face twists into something anguished. Right here watching you close the distance. And there's your hand again; just like how it first started, lying on my thigh because I wouldn't give you my fingers. Because I wanted you to fight me for my hand. Because I wanted you to touch me.

Places I'd rather never be; feeling your other hand trace a tear that had fallen on your fingers. Right here, smelling the warmth of your skin and still tasting you lingering fruity flavor on my mouth. Right here, uncontrollably letting you know what you do to me, as I suck in an anxious breath. Right here as I listen to you apologize and tell me you were wrong. Right here as you tell me it never would have worked.

Places I'd rather never be; right here, with your hand wiping tears and mine inside your hair. Right here, where our lips argue about inevitable break ups before silencing on each other. Right here, where all I taste are salty lips and strawberries. Right here, where I can't control myself.

Right here, with you, right now.

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