When she spins it's like a song
One that my sticks could never play
You slide towards him
Sliding so close, too close
Can't even move his feet
Those legs, lanky and long
That face, plastered with perfection
What did I do, to deserve here and now
Who did I defy?
What promise did I break?
To watch you glide down the aisle
In a rhythm, unknown to us all
To see that tossed bouquet
Those poor naïve flowers
Not for you and me
But wasted on him
The dress fits you sweet
And your hips sway
Your beauty, so exquisite,
Remind me how to breathe
As he spins you, our eyes lock
But only then, only that split second
Right there and then
And you turn again, right back to him
So what can I do?
Can I bring down the moon?
Can I capture the sun?
Can I steal the stars, and invite them into your eyes?
The wish is made
The heart swelled
The tears dropped
And the throat choked
And here we are, frozen in time
I beat, you rhyme
It's only this, but let me say
Never did I see a star, burn so brightly as you tonight