La Noche Triste

Underneath a blackened sky I lay.

Counting the glittery red stars,

And consuming all around me.

The howling wind wraps around me,

Enticing me to kiss the sky.

I long to kiss the sky.

Laying, paralyzed by beauty, I wish to be real.

But hush now; I hear the whistle of a bird,

Which is then shot off by a scream for help.

I long to kiss the sky.

Ignore the cries, I wipe my eyes but then it began to rain.

The stars that I once urged to touch now fall upon the floor.

I hung my head and began to cry once more.

I long to kiss the sky.

"Blackest night," I say, "consume me for all your

pleasures. I am yours and only long to be yours".

But, goodnight is a soft whisper once it can be touched.

I touched my face and awoke in this place of misery and lust.

I did not ask any questions just enjoyed the scent of rotting flesh,

And stings from all the thorns.

I longed to kiss the sky that night,

Only for it to pour it's cries unto me.

It's lips were sweet, and I longed to feel the bloody stars again.