Devi decided to look for some Advil to deal with a head ache caused by staring at a computer screen for too long. She knew that Jon had some in the cabinet beside their bed, so she decided that would be the first place to look. She opened up the top drawer and saw two framed pictures of her and Jon. She smiled as she remembered the dances and things that they went to together. As she began her search for the Advil again, she found a crumpled up note. AS she opened the paper up, she realized that it was written to her. Her curiosity then got the best of her, and she read on.


I know that you and Nick just broke up, but when you're ready, I was wondering if you would consider going out with me. I've loved you since the first day I laid eyes on you. Please think about it


Devi smiled as she read the note, wondering when Jon wrote it. She and Nick had broken up a bunch of times. All of which she told Jon about. Still smiling, she heard Jon walk into the house.

Walking out of the room, She saw Jon holding two puppies, a Husky and a German Shepard. They were both licking his sweatshirt through his unzipped jacket. Then they looked over at her and jumped from Jon's arms. As soon as they had walked over to her, she bent down and was almost knocked over by the two dogs jumping up and trying to lick her face.

She smiled and sat down while petting them, then looked over to Jon who seemed unusually pale, and was breathing really heavily.

"I'll be right back Dev," He said almost as though he knew what she was thinking. She watched him walk into their room and shut the door behind him. Silently, Devi got up and walked over to the door. She knocked on it softly, but heard Jon say that he would be right out. The tone in his voice scared her, so she instinctively tried to open the door but found that it was locked. Knowing that she wasn't going to win that, she sat down again in defeat as the dogs came trotting over to her again. She looked into the husky's bright blue eyes, and looked at his face. It was then that she noticed blood matted into his nose. She looked over at the Shepard, and noticed that blood was matted into his nose as well.

Afraid that it was Jon's blood, she knocked on the door again, hoping that he would at least come out of the room. But as she stood up, the door opened. Jon was still breathing heavily, and he had on a different shirt.

Looking at him slightly worried, she walked over to him and asked him what had happened. He said nothing, but his eyes said different than his words. Devi looked at him, her eyes pleading for him to tell her, but he was still silent. His eyes were dark and distant. Then, deciding to go with her instinct, she tried to take his shirt off. He protested, but after looking into her eyes once again, he let her. She gently slid the black sweatshirt off of his body, and was horrified to see the gash across his chest and arm.

She motioned for him to follow her into their room, and then she sat him down. "Sit still.." Her words trailed off, as though she knew what had happened.

Devi walked into the kitchen, and filled a pale blue ceramic bowl with warm, almost hot water, and grabbed a wash cloth. She walked gently back into their room and set the bowl onto her night stand after setting the washcloth into it.

"Lie down," She said, trying to keep her fear from being in her voice. Gently, she cleaned the two gashes, while trying to make sure that she didn't put to much pressure on them. He retold his tale after Devi asked him a bunch of times, and as she listened, her already deep, raging hate for Nick intensified.

Devi gingerly covered wrapped the gash on his arm, while covering the one on his chest as best as she could. By the time she was done, the two dogs had managed to climb up into their bed and were sleeping at the end of it.