Taken- by mika jones
she layed her head
upon the window
vibrating glass against
her cheek where there
was sleep
crouched in the
corner of her eyes and
the only thing
needed was a chance to think
sometimes it came
creeping beneath skin
so bold so cold
in night when angels aren't in
she said its your hand
down my throat and my
heart in your mouth in the
summer the sun bleached
all color out
until everything
looked like bone

In red-by mika jones
Sometimes i feel the world
sink in too far
against my skin a million
times i tried
to erase everything
pounding fists
the beat of a drum in
my heart i cried
to let it out in red
sometimes you opened the door
broken down
and it seemed to bleed
through your words
the beginning of something
i'd never expect
until you said
take it out or let me in
when all i wanted to do
was be swallowed
in your mouth.
You're there-mika jones
what do you want
if you are not enough
they took you in too far
tasted the temperature
blew it to pieces
like so many candles
in the wind
you fell off your
bike scraped your
knee until no skin was left
and then you said
is that all
that lies inside me?