Author: Namir Swiftpaw
Notes: Okay. These are basically just going to be rants about stupid things that piss me off, that have no real writing merit, but are just here to make me feel better, really. If anyone has comments, feel free to leave 'em, as usual.

Chapter One: People Making Accounts and Putting Up School Work They Want No One to Read.

All right. I opened up the window for Fictionpress today, as I usually do after I check my email and my Deadjournal friend's list. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. However, when I click on the essay section (which is the first place I go), my eyes cannot help but be drawn to a recent essay upload, with this exact summary –

"School work, do not have to be read nor reviewed, read if you want, will be deleted after transfer is completed."

In addition to the grammar of that sentence being poor…WHAT THE FUCK? Why are people putting pieces of writing up here that they don't want people to read? Why? WHY? I don't understand this. If you have a piece of writing that you want to save for school, stick a GODDAMN FLOPPY DISC in your computer and save it that way! Use webspace that is MEANT to horde crap, like Angelfire or Geocities, and put your shitty writing on there. Don't waste space on Fictionpress and give people false hopes that there is going to be something interesting behind the link by putting it up here.

God, it just bugs me so much. If I don't want people to read the things I wrote, I DON'T PUT THEM ON FICTIONPRESS! Fictionpress is a site for people who want to share their writing and leave comments and critiques on other people's writing, so we can all become better writers. It's a place where we can share our opinions, and be comforted that yes, there are other people out there who think like you, no matter how whacked out you may be. THIS IS NOT A STORAGE SITE! THIS IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL WEBSPACE! GET A GODDAMN ANGELFIRE ACCOUNT AND TAKE YOUR CRAPPY WRITING ELSEWHERE!