You think you're aware,
Of who I am,
Of the girl that lies,
Beneath the skin.
But you don't know me,
Don't know what I like.
Think I'm a tomboy,
When really I'm not.
I like make-up,
Doing my hair,
Dressing up pretty,
Making it noticeable I'm there.
But you don't see that side of me,
You rarely ever do.
Cause the girl inside,
She's scared to come out,
Scared of what you might think.
I've hidden behind the mask,
Of being the tough one.
The one without emotions,
The one who doesn't run.
But really inside,
I'm scared and alone.
I don't like to show it,
Inside I'm weak.
I feel all those verbal,
Hits you throw at me,
I'm not made of stone,
Like you believe me to be.
I want to break out,
I want to be me.
But I'm scared of the consequences,
That might arise.
Will you no longer be my friend?
Will you make this the end?
Will you leave me or will you stay?
When I take the mask away?