Another Day in the Life of Hell!

You would think that living in the same family for over 18 years you would get use to the feelings and actions of those around you, right? Well it's not as easy as one might think when you have a family like mine. Where do I start? My dad? My mom? Step-mom, brother (younger), other brother (older), sister (youngest)? Or do I start with myself? I'm not quit sure so I'm just going to jump into this with both feet and pray to who- ever is listening that I don't drowned! My name is Sara; I'm 19 and still live with my parents! No it's not a bad thing but it's kinda of helpful. I don't have to worry about rent or bills or anything like that! All I have to do is pay for College and "keep my head in the game", have good grades! I can't complain too much because I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and a somewhat warm bed at night! So I have no room to complain, right? Sure I don't, lets talk about my family before we get into that.

My mom is a very crazy woman. She 42 and acts as if she's 25 again! Only not in her time, no she here in this time and loves it! I guess all parents do but it's still kinda odd to have you mother listening to rap with the windows rolled down rapin her little heart out. She works for the schools distract if that wasn't enough. Every one of my teachers knows who my mother is and talks to her often! Ok, well they use to. Now that I'm in college my professors could care less who my mother is and I like it that way! But that not a bad thing. The bad thing is, she's the type of person that if you ask her a question you'll get a very vague answer to that question. If you ask her what's wrong she'll go." Oh, nothing don't worry about it." BULL SHIT! I 've called bullshit on her a few times before, but still I never got a proper answer! That's the bad thing about her.

My dad, he's a cool guy most of the time. We get a long very well and we also know when the time comes he's that parent and I'm the kid. There is also some times where I'm the parent, telling him that's not the best way to do things! We're buddies for most of the time but like I said there is a sious part. My dad has a lot of problems and with him you have to live from day to day. Moment to moment, and from one emotion to the next. Some would call it crazy; I call it everyday life!

I live with my dad and step-mom. I have 2 brothers and a little sister. My younger brother and sister live with my dad and me. Well my older brother lives with " his mommy still" there's not much to tell about my step-mom, since I got my job I hardly ever see her. She has 2 jobs and is home for about 15 to 20 minuets daily and that's not enough time to do anything! Then she goes to work again. My litter brother has to be the smartest person I know! Sometimes I want to just kill him because he's too smart for his own good! He likes to be in the middle of everything and once he;s there you can't shut him up! But he's pretty cool for an 15 year old. My little sister, like all sisters are a big pain in the ass! But I love her anyway! If you have a little sister you'll know what I mean (you'll really know what I mean if you a girl) She want to have my things, my cloths, books, make-up (what little I have), and other things like that. She wants to be with me when I'm out with my friends and hang all over my boyfriend! Things like that!

A normal day (ha, normal) that just it. There is no normal day in my house! Yes, all the kids get up and head off to school, get home around 3 in the afternoon and hang out for the rest of the night. I guess it all depends on if moms home or not if it's going to be a good night or not. I really shouldn't say that because it could be a hell of a night and mom be at work. Anyway, in my head it's seems like the fighting in this house has gone since I moved in about 4 years ago. But I should be use to it by now, Right?