Another Day in the Life of Hell.

Well as any other 17 year old I have a job. It's not a very good one but it works, yeah me to death. Oh well it pays the bills I isn't very many. I have to pay for my car, my insurance, (I don't know why it's called that, they need to call it in-case-shit-happens, cause you really don't feel insured!) Ok back on trace. My cell phone and whatever else I feel that is needed! I'm going to be 18 in about 7 days and for my birthday; my mom and dad are giving me $100 for me to get my tattoo! Well my dads going to pay for half of it! I just can't go over $200. My plan is to get two and then be done for a while at least! So the money I'm savein for school will go toward some of my tattoo! Me's so happy!

I am looking for a new job. when your boss could care less if one of your co-workers is doing their job or not it's time to leave! And I've been there for almost two years now so yeah a new job is in order! It's not a career just a job! So some time soon I hope to find a good job that won't *uck with my hours and is very consistent with my hours as well! I really don't like having a set schedule. And I can work any time but I like Wednesdays and Thursdays off! That's just because it's the only time I get to see my boyfriend! Oh well, I guess I can live for a little bit or until I get tired of it all then I will die! Hehehe, just kidding!