Be careful what you wish for

screams a mind who won't dwell

inside a head spilled into a deep vat

of muddy duct tape

All tangeled up,

wrapped around this small head

compared to the universe

I'm but a pinch of dust,

not even close

to a grain.

A grain that smells of old,

old memories,

locked in cupboards

where your broken heart

sit and waits.

A time will come

that is to be sure

but not for certain

are these events

for which you proclaim

will happen.

Trapped outside

then in

scrambling about

trying to find a way out

when I already know

its right there

peaking its tiny little light

directly at me.

Why can't I touch this light

I ask one million times


I scream another billion!

I wish to be bathed within

the warm lights glow

brimming with life

all outside seems so lively

maybe its because I'm so trapped

while working my fingers

to the mighty bone.

Maybe letting my eyes,

every now and then,

have a quick glance

of all beauty that lays

beyond my door step

do I step forward

unafraid of gods eye

burning at my skin.

Like using a magnifying glass

to burn us all.

Why must we sit here

out on the front lawn

and want to go back ib?

Theres so much flying high

in these blue skies,

yet so much darkness

that will soon turn its ugly head

over to the moons glow

wishing for it to disappear.

But where am I

in the midst

of all of these descriptions?

I sit here all alone

awaiting the sounds

of a mean old man

who comes to bug me.

But thats why,

I am prepared.

I shall hide underneath,

these piles of covers,

just so he doesn't see me.

Oh I wish he didn't exist.

But thankfully his evil shadow

has decided not show itself yet.

So I sigh with relief,

acheing with a tired sense

of sleepy dreams.

But still struggling

to keep my focus

upon this pen and paper.

Hoping to please your eyes,

to make them beam with joy,

or to burst them open

all over your keyboards.

I drift off,

like usual,

into thoughts of future.

Wishing they will come soon.


begging for them to come!

And drag me out,

out of this dusty cupboard.

At least I'll be going somewhere

letting the river of hope and love

carry me through and through

this troublesome life.

Easing my breath,

no more thoughts of death.