Shaggy hair,

ripped holes

in a gray shirt,

sitting upon a futon,

my eyes fixated

on this parade of colors

full of papers.

A tiny piece of glitter

I find every now and then.

My hands fiddling

upon the curls of my hair.

I'm lost for words

so I'll write four words

that have no purpose

in this piece of knitting

I can barely focus on.

Watch me write

words that have no meaning

other than the facts

of where I am

and what I'm doing.

And what sort of spell,

I'm conjuring up next,

inside of this leaky cauldron

of a head.

I'm slowly repairing

these large cracks

strewn out upon my boiling pot.

How clever of me

to mix in magic

with my daily life.

How clever of me

to parody my own work of art.

I paint until I run out of fuel

and when I have no fuel

I run with nothing inside

but a clean slated mind.

Ready to rewrite

whatever comes flying by

smashing right into my chalkboard,

creating nothing but dust,

all over this once smooth surface.

Now I'm lost and confused

filled with anger and rage

because something hit me

and challenged my ways of living.

Revenge somehow

creeps its way,

back inside,

when your at your lowest.

Lower than you thought

you could go,

with no direction to be known.

Your underbelly hurts

when its been kicked around,

and laid to waste

into the muddy ground.

Hiding inside

of a steel home

will not save your bum.

Not by a long shot

which is a very tiresome distance

to stretch your strengths

because you become so weak

when your at the edge of your peak.

You collapse once again

like a bag of broken bones

burried under the dry desert sun.

Your faith is a mess Jamie,

reconstruct yourself once more,

this time do it right.

Every moment you waste,

your life is running away

from your finger tips

reach out and grab it.

And lock it safely within,

because you'll need it.

Oh hell yes you will,

don't you dare deny

your own thoughts.

Thats the worst possible thing

to do right now.

Don't lose that faith,

you gotta keep it alive and growing,

water it everyday.

For if you want a beautiful garden

you must pull out

those nasty weeds!

Give it all that you got.

Don't lock yourself in,

lock yourself out,

and look at the life

you could be having,

the life you could be living!

Don't forget this lesson,

because if you don't put water

into your garden;

it'll dry up,

and die away!