Past Tense

I was born on Thursday, November 10th 1988 at 12:21pm.

Did you know why there are so many babies born in November? It's because everyone does it on Valentine's Day and guess how many months November is from February? That's my theory, anyway.

You know how when they're born babies get little wristbands saying their name? I still have mine. It's so tiny and I can barely believe that it fitted around my wrist. On it, it says:

Louise Phoebe Gold - Nov. 10 '88

When I was little Mum and Dad used to tell me that when I was born I was kicking and screaming my head off. After that I was a good baby and apparently I hardly ever cried but I always needed rocking and singing to sleep.

I wish that I could go back to being little, with Mum and Dad telling me stories and singing me to sleep.

It would all be so much better and less complicated.

I miss it.