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She stood before the trials of the angels, the worst fate anyone could happen upon. Seven men stood with anger painted on their faces. One of them, her father, was the only one showing some compassion. The girl's head hung low as she realized her fate would soon be upon her. She watched her father's head drop in shame, and shake side to side with guilt. Narsil, the eldest judge, stood slowly. He spoke in a voice full of remorse to the once prominent daughter of the judge beside him.

"It is the belief of the court that you are guilty on the charge of slaughtering a fellow guardian. Your punishment is to live among the humans, as a human. You will be stripped of your wings immediately. Do you have anything to say before punishment commences?"

"You know Narsil, all I can say is that I feel sorry for you and your fellow judges. You're making a grave error, and I hope that one day you finally see that. Condemning an angel to live among humans isn't looked very highly upon by the rest of the angelic society."

In response to the girl's remark, six of the seven men fell further into their hatred and loathing of her. A pair of shimmering wings rose from behind the head of each judge in an attempt to intimidate the girl and her insolence. This, however, was not the case with the girl; she simply responded with the same display of intimidation. Her lengthy bangs and choppy hair stood on end, flaring up like a fire. Her normally tranquil face was engulfed in anger toward the men.

"Restrain her, and give no mercy with her punishment! It's shame enough that her father is of our council, his child certainly does not!"

Narsil's voice was cold, as he spat his order with anger on his tongue. Narsil looked to the girl's father and smirked slightly.

"You shall rid your daughter of her wings; she is a disgrace to out people carrying our symbol of honor on her back."

The girl turned to run, only to find two men behind her. They held her arms strong and kept her facing the judges. She struggled as her father reluctantly walked toward her. The two men turned her about until her wings fell to both sides of her father. He took hold of the first wing firmly, even as the girl hissed out in pain.

"I'm sorry Halcyon."

He gripped the stem of the first wing hard before ripping it from her shoulder, much like a gardener does to weeds. Halcyon tried to wretch herself free as she felt the pain shot through her body. Blood tainted her ivory wings, before slowing to a trickle and proceeding to snake down her body. Halcyon shrieked as the pain overcame her and her vision started to fade. The second wing soon came to the same fate as it was yanked from the adjacent shoulder. Again, Halcyon screamed; the sound reached the uppermost regions of the court.
Her father tossed the second wing carelessly onto the first, were it laded with a faint plop. The bloodstained mass of feathers, muscle, and bone lay on the dark marbled floor before the court. Halcyon's body hit the floor hard, the blood dripping from her wounds and trickling down her form. She couldn't believe her father had just murdered everything that she stood for, taking everything she ever had from her in one hand and yanked it from her existence. Narsil scowled at the sight of the girl lying on their courtroom floor.

"Humans don't disserve to see the beauties of Availia; dispose of her before her wings reform."

The two men that had held her to her punishment before, now dragged her unconscious body off down the hall. Blood trailed, in patchy smears, across the lustrous marble. Several minutes later, and several floors lower, the men tossed her body down into the keep, where all of the lost angels went. She would be there for the night, so the men wouldn't have to risk themselves on the venture down to earth; the men hoped that she would die from being left unattended and save them the trip. The two men stood guard all night, shuttering at the thought of having to travel to earth once more.

At the top of a dark cellar staircase, a door opens and a figure begins to descend. There's almost no sourceof light, no candle in his hand, and no light from the door at the top of the stairs, but he had no trouble with the stairs. As he nears the bottom of the stairs his, rather baggy jeans, caught a loose nail, sending him into a spin. He tumbles head first down the last half of the stairs and rolls onto the ground before skidding to a halt. He grumbled as he stood and dusted himself off.

"Damn. That nail, gets me every time. Wish I could see it to fix it."

Caelum is a rather sturdy boy, lean and muscular. He stood six foot even in shoes, but never told anyone the last part. A ragged bandage hung over his eyes, catching just above his nose. The bandage was hardly visible through his lengthy olive green hair. He began to feel his jeans, noticing the new rip on the footing of them. He shrugged it off before continuing his walk through the basement. Every time he went down into the basement, he always found himself wondering why someone would put such a dank place under the lovely two-story home he lived in. His palm slid along the cellar wall, panning up and down in a big arch as it went.
After a few moments he felt and long gouge and stopped. He turned slowly almost measuring the position at which his foot turned, and continued walking with outstretched arms. He eventually found what he was looking for, a large freezer. Cracking it open, he felt the cold frost on his skin and shivered slightly. Caelum fumbled around in the open freezer for a moment before picking up an object he figured to be chicken. He smiled at his accomplishment.

"For a blind guy, I'm doing pretty good."

He closed the freezer and found his way back to the stairs, only this time, he was careful of the nail. With chicken in hand, he closed the basement door and felt along the counter of the kitchen. Before long he felt a small circle engraved in the counter, and reached up to feel a wooded cupboard. When he opened it he found a plate and set the chicken on it. Caelum's home was nearly empty.
He walked over to a chair and sat down at the table. A shimmer of light came through the crack between the door and its frame; the shimmer fell upon the bandages covering his eyes, but he could tell.

Halcyon woke up in utter misery. Her head throbbed, and her back felt like it was on fire. She cringed as she moved her shoulder and felt the sharp pang of pain run down her back. She was helpless to do anything until her wounds healed. She could barely lie down on the small floor; her longest blonde bang hit one wall while her feet hit the opposite. Each time she moved even the slightest fraction of an inch, pain shot through her body. She eventually began to cry, tears streaming down her face. She could not move, and certainly could not wipe them away for fear of the excruciating pain.
The room was cold and lifeless but Halcyon didn't care. All she wanted was her life back, all she wanted was to find someone who'd care for her. Before long, she fell off to a dismal sob and slept. She woke up later for only a moment. All Halcyon could tell was that she was being dragged roughly to the edge of something. Her eyes widened as she realized what was happening. The guards were throwing her from Availia! She tried to struggle, but pain and unconsciousness overtook her.
The guards tossed her limp body over the edge, looking on with disappointed faces. They watched her body fall, head first toward the earth. She picked up speed as gravity took hold of her. After a moment, a wind pocket built up around her, creating a miniature sonic boom. She fell through the air, piercing the layers of atmosphere like an arrow through the belly of the beast. The guards could see her gaining speed, an air current trailing her for nearly a mile.

"With any lucky, the fall will kill her."

"They don't pay us enough to go down there as much as we do anyways."