Chelsea's Story

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Chelsea was pretty innocent for most girls her age. Yeah, she did do a lot of things her parents would 'frown upon' but nothing too outrageous or dangerous. She was twenty years old and lived in a dorm on campus with a couple of her 'gal pals' as her mom called it. It wasn't unusual for her best friend Selena to wake up to come downstairs and see Chelsea sitting quietly at the counter, chewing on her morning cereal, ready for the day reading an Archie Comic.

One night, Selena and another girl from the dorm, Rachel talked Chelsea into going to a club with them.

"C'mon! It'll be so much fun Chels, you HAVE to come with us!" Selena begged, putting her best whimpering face on to convince her conservative friend.

"Oh alright" she sighed tiredly.

Truth was she enjoyed it, getting dressed up in the mini skirts and tight tops and doing their make up then going to the bars and checking out guys while sharing a drink with her girlfriends; it was an exhilaration no one could pass up.

Rachel, Chelsea and Selena chose a dance club not too far away from campus. Sitting at the bar, laughing and letting the music flow through them they checked out guys and looked for people that they knew, enjoying themselves lazily.

Rachel got a coy look on her face after Chelsea left to go to the washroom.

"Check out the guy checking US out." She said with a grin on her face.

Selena looked over and a guy probably twenty just like them, had just previously entered the club and was sitting at the bar his hazel green eyes, on them. He was tall, had brown hair that was gelled in the normal way most guys gelled their hair, and he was smiling at them.

They both laughed and looked away, ready to gossip about it as soon as Chelsea got back.

"He is soooo totally hot!" Rachel said, not able to resist the urge to wait for Chelsea.

"Oh my god I know!" Selena said, "with those looks, he must be an amazing catch!"

Chelsea came and sat down beside them, and their mysterious guy stood up and went out on the dance floor.

"Aww, good going Chels, you scared him away!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Who?" She asked confused.

"Doi, the hottie who was checking us out until you came and sat down." Selena said sarcastically.

"Oh, I'm sorry...not" Chelsea replied, just as sarcastic.

"C'mon Rach, let's go find him and talk to him!" Selena said excitedly.

Chelsea watched as her two friends walked out on to the dance floor to go find their 'hottie'. She turned around to face the bar tender, and just gave him a meek smile and sipped her drink quietly, not particularly feeling the music enough to go and dance. Then, the guy who had been checking Selena and Rachel out came and sat on the stool beside her and ordered a drink.

"Hey" he said simply.

"Hi" she simply replied, ignoring him. He took his drink and left, and Rachel and Selena returned.

"How was Prince Charming?" she asked with a grin at the scowls on their faces.

"A total idiot. He has the personality of doorknob." Rachel sighed, her face a perfect picture of disappointment.

"Yeah," Selena sighed as well, "things even out."

Chelsea laughed, and left her drink and her friends to go and dance. Her friends staring at her bewilderedly at her reaction.

"I think she's had too much to drink..."Rachel said dumbfoundedly.


A few hours passed and Rachel and Selena were bored, Chelsea was still out on the dance floor dancing with some guy they couldn't quite tell who he was.

"Well at least one of us is having fun tonight." Rachel said darkly, watching as

Chelsea came and sat beside them, her cheeks pink and her smile dazzling.

"So, who have you been dancing with?" Selena asked cheerfully; glad to see her friend enjoying herself.

Sipping her drink, Chelsea stopped and giggled. "Mmm...Oh my god he is soooo hot, and he's really good at dancing!" She exclaimed continuing to drink the smoothie she had.

"Ohyah..."Rachel said absently.

The song changed and though Rach and Selena didn't really pay attention, Chelsea put her smoothie on the counter of the bar exclaimed that she loved this song and ran out on to the dance floor again.

Rachel sat on her stool rather lounge-ing-ly.

"I still say she's drunk."


Just as Selena and Rachel were leaving, Selena decided they better tell Chelsea since she was still dancing with that guy.

"Chelsea!" Selena exclaimed trying to get her friends attention.

Chelsea looked at Selena, slight bewilderment on her face. Behind Chelsea was the guy who had been at the bar.

"Yeah?" she asked, her hands on his waist, his hands were just above her butt.

He grinned sheepishly, and then looked the other way as Chelsea talked to her friend.

"You've been dancing with him?" Rachel nearly shouted.

"Yeah, what do you guys want?" she asked quietly.

"We were just telling you that we were going home..."Selena said absently, staring at the guy trying to figure it out, as if it were a puzzle.

"Oh okay, I'll see you guys later then." She said simply.

Selena's jaw dropped.

"You mean your going to leave us for this, this- DOOR KNOB?" she exclaimed.

"Matt's not a doorknob" Chelsea said raising her eye brow, "Besides, I'll be home in a couple of hours."

And with that, Selena and Rachel shrugged their shoulders and left for the dorm.


The next morning Selena came down the stairs saying her normal cheerful good morning to Chelsea and Rachel when she saw that Chelsea wasn't there.

Rachel sat in her pajamas on the couch watching t.v., but at the counter there was an empty stool where Chelsea normally sat and ate while reading her Archie Comic.

Selena and Rachel looked at each other and shared a look that screamed "uh oh".

They heard a crash of thunder the rain storm that had been going on since early morning reminding them that it was still there.

"Where could she be?" Selena thought out loud, both her and Rachel having the exact same thought in their minds.


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