A Certain Misery.

At the darkest hours,
When feelings aren't good,
When things needed to be get done,
When the world, only your world,
Seems to get upside down,
The mind tickles,
It opens,
To bright new thoughts,
All new realization,
An inspiration has come uninvited,

And so there it begins,
When you just had to sit down,
Look at things,
And see them, as they are not,
But as what they really are to be.

Fingers moving,
To the most solitary place,
In the papers of selfless, forever understanding feelings,
Writing to it,
The words of comfort,
Feeling it all,
The pain, the anger, the sadness,
And the secret, hidden happiness,
That was only meant for you to feel,
A private feeling,
And yet,
The best.

And so,
Here it begins,
A new feeling,
This certain misery,
Yet so beautiful,
Remains a mystery.

-Nahjan, 2nd April 2004