The unable to be labeled

Don't you always feel.
As though in a world with millions of people,
You're still the one,
Left all alone.

Not an outsider,
But not exactly anything else, either.
Selfish, stereotype with little good judgments,
Made YOU that,
They made you feel that way,
Treat you that way,
And in the end,
How could you say you're not one,
When people already labeled you that?

Always the one on the left,
When other are on the right,
Always the one left to stand,
When others are already sitting,
Always mixing with people that others loath,
When you can't seem to see one bad thing about that "hateful" friend!

Trying to break free,
Trying to make them understand,
You're just being real,
In this hypocrite world,
And yet,
You're the one,
Who'll be the one laughed at,
Looked funnily at,
Left all in a tangle, a mess,
No one seemed to understand,
No one seemed to see,
Or listen,
To just what you have in mind.

Not nerd,
No, you're not,
You're cooler than ever,
Not popular,
You're not stupid enough to be that,
Not an individual,
You're just not like that,
You're just.

And none can ever see nor understand that.
Haven't you ever feel this way?
Unable to be labeled,
Because you're just who you really are.