The Elf-Maidens

I went wondering through the emerald woods
During the twilight of the day
I'd stopped to rest beside the path
And saw nine Elf-Maidens come my way

I hid in the trees as I observed them
They were all fair as Caer's dream
They sat beneath the emerald shade
And communed by the sapphire stream

The first was fair and golden clad
With hair as golden as the sun
With crimson lips and gold bronzed skin
Her amber eyes could not be outdone

Her crown was made of purest gold
As if it were forged from light
It shone with silver accents
And sparkled with diamonds bright

The second had skin so pale
And eyes of water blue
Her hair was gold, her features fair
Her silken cerulean dress of matching hue

Her crown was made of silver
With sapphires and aqua marines
With gilded golden accents
And fitting for the queens

The third was pale as Arianrhod's moon
With hair black as ebony night
Her dress was of onyx velvet
Her dark eyes glistened with star light

Her crown was forged of silver
With stones of onyx and ebony
Silver against a black velvet matt
She was night's own beauty

The fourth had hair of crimson red
And wore the same color gown
She had fiery eyes and light tanned skin
And wore a fitting crown

Her crown was also made of gold
As it set gently on her head
It shown vividly as fire
With stones of crimson red

The Fifth one had a fair tanned sink
Her hair dark earthen brown
Her eyes were vivid forest green
Like the stones set in her crown

Her crown was forged of bronze and gold
With emeralds set in place
Her gown was sewn green velvet
And flowers frames her face

The Sixth was pale but gleaming
Her hair was silver white
Her grey eyes shown as silver
And reflected all the light

Her crown was made of all metals
And their hues were reflected in her dress
No stones were set upon the crown
But its beauty was no less

The Seventh was pale and airy
With of hair of a pale gold
With eyes of a pale icy blue
She was lovely to behold

Her crown was made of silver
And set with stones light blue
Her flowing dress was lightest silk
And matched the stones' sky-like hue

The Eighth had hair of white
And was just as pale of skin
Her eyes were of an icy blue
As lovely as her kin

Her crown was forged of silver
With pearls and diamond stones
Her dress was of white velvet
From which her silver trim shone

The Ninth was pale and stoic
Her dress and eyes were a dark grey hue
Her hair was black, with dark grey streaks
And she stood strong and true

Her crown seemed to lack the metals
That the other Elf maidens did possess
Her crown was hewn of night but stones
But her crown was still no less

They sat there in a circle
Their seats were stones in a ring
I heard their fair soft voices speak
And I heard the Elf-maidens sing.

The first sang in a voice of light
Of sun and shining gold
She sang a song of light and love
And in the words of old

The second sang in a voice
Like running water in a stream
Gentle, sweet and soothing
She sand of an ocean dream

The next sang in a sweet and mellow voice
Of starry, blackest night
She sang of the moon and nightingale
And of the star's diamond light

The fourth sang in a sweet, vivid voice
Of flames and fire bright
Of primitive and modern man
Guided by their light

The fifth one sang in a rich and mellow tone
Of the wonders of the earth
Of forests and of emerald fields
And the glory of their birth

The next had a strong but gentle voice
Like chimes in bowing breeze
She sang of crowns and mighty swords
Of brass doors and of keys

The seventh had a soft and gentle voice
Like the gentle blowing air
And she sand of winds and breezes
And a far off land of Faire

The eight's voice was soft and cool
As if it had a pearlish glow
And she sang of mountains in far off lands
Capped with ice and snow

The ninth's voice was cold hand hard
But a good quality there shone
She sang on mountains and of mines
And of circles made of stone

I sat cloaked in trees and listen
And my knowledge grew
As I took in all of their song
And listen to what they knew

Then, to my dismay, they stopped then
As suddenly as they started
They finished their song and rose again
And gracefully departed

Through my woe of the event's end
Something comforted me
Though the Elf-Maidens went away
I had the memory

And so the memory I cherish
Each and every day
Of when I heard the Maidens sing
And when they came my way