~* Ottawa in Spring *~

It looks grey and drab outside today
Granite buildings scrape the sky
And sidewalks filled with black-jacketed Macks
The sunlight, faint as it were,
Grows ever dimmer
No rosy glow here
Except from the neon signs that bid you enter
From yellow-headlined Subway outlets
And the paper sun in the Travel Cuts window
Summer's coming, though,
And you can tell
From the Protestant girls in their Catholic school best
And the peek-a-boo bikinis they're putting
In dusty, forlorn shop windows
Even the trees will be coming out of
Their winter jackets
It's not quite cold in here, though,
As I listen to the warming hum of friendship
As random new companions are met here
Smiles may not be a dime-a-dozen
But for a dollar seventy, I get enough
Both in here, on the inside looking out
As the wheels on the bus go round and round
And outside
Where friends and lovers huddle over double-doubles
This is me
Getting off at my stop
Getting out where life (and groceries) can be found.