Tala began to pace around the room, 'This is crazy...' she rubbed her temples, 'I have to get out of here before this bastard just kills me or worse... Too much is going on, I can't think straight...' she sighed, and fell onto the bed, 'I've been kidnapped by a vampire, but he doesn't want to hurt me...'

"This is making less and less sense..." she muttered to herself, as she sat up, and cracked her knuckles, 'Alright, maybe...I can convince him my pack will come for me... maybe that'll rattle him, and he'll let me go...I still can't transform cause of the damn silver he put in me...Stupid bastard.'

"Thinking about me, are you now?" came his soft voice, and she jumped as she saw him standing quietly by her bed.

"When'd you get in here?"

"Just a moment ago. I brought you some food." he set a bronze platter in front of her.

"I'm not hungry."

"You must be hungry by now, it's been almost two days since you last ate."

"Look, let me go."

"Why would I do such an absurd thing?"

"Because my family is gonna come and rip you to shreds." she growled, praying her lie was convincing enough to fool his sharp eyes.

A smile curled onto his lips, "If I did not know that were a lie, I may have believed that were true."

"Then you'll let me go! Wait... what did you just say?"

"I know everything about you Tala, including that you were disowned from your pack only seven short months ago."

She opened her mouth then shut it, then opened it again, but only a slightly choked noise would come out.

He laughed, "Yes... I know about your little 'mistake' as the wolves so called it." he sat down beside her, and ran a hand slowly down her back, "You still have the scars, don't you?"

She stood up and moved away from him, "Look, just...get the hell out, and leave me alone!"

He shook his head, "Would I have gone to such trouble to keep you here just to leave you alone?"

"Just...I don't know! Because you're insane!"

He chuckled, and shook his head, "Such spirit you have."

"Yeah, well spirit this." she took the fork that had come with her dinner, and stabbed him in the throat before running like hell from the room, and down the hallway.

'Gotta find a way out...' she told herself, as she opened and shut doors, trying to find the way out.

She threw open one door, and froze in her steps. The room was full of computers, cameras, and video cameras, and monitors. On every monitor, a different image played, all of them of her. One of her walking to the park, one of her training her fighting skills, one of her sleeping, one of her battling with a vampire. She couldn't believe her eyes; every image in the room was of her, pictures on the wall, all of her. She stumbled into the room, and found a journal, picking it up she turned to the first page.

'Tala, a beautiful name for a beautiful woman, no a beautiful werewolf, descended from the first wolves... A werewolf, how strange that it should be a werewolf that I fixate myself upon, but I cannot draw myself from her, her hazel eyes burn like fire, scorching holes into my blackened heart. She does not know me yet, but she soon will, I must have her know me, keep her until she longs for me as I long for her.'

"What...is..." Tala stared at the words, and then the date, "This is six months old!? Just how long has he been watching me?"

"A long time..." she felt a hand firmly grab her arm, and twist it behind her back.

"Perhaps it is time you sleep." he spoke softly into her ear.

Her breath caught in her throat as a sharp pain ran through her body, and everything went suddenly black.

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