Title: Sayden: The Legend (Book I)

Summary: In the Land of Sayden, life moves on untouched. Far different then centuries ago when countless wars tore the land apart dividing mortal from immortal, then finally all living beings from the threat of Death. Now the people grow forgetful of what once was, what great threat still lingers, trapped in an endless induced sleep.

Brother Paidric had spent the last and only 18 years of his life, in worship. Living what he thought to be the only life one could possibly live. When unforeseen events occur and a wounded stranger arrives at the monastery, Paidric's world is turned upside-down. Called to aid in a fellow province's time of need, Paidric must journey to lands he has never seen, meet people he had never known existed. In a world that has proven all he has come to know and love, to be a lie.

A/N: This has been an ongoing story I've been dreaming of making into a book someday, in fact a whole series of stories and such. Well, though this is but a version of a tale that has been revised countless times, I hope to get some exposure here. See how readers will react to it. So please, review. any comment will be appreciated, but please, no flames, I know everyone has right to their own opinion but bashing my work won't help me right better. Critiques and questions are more then welcome. Also, I was wondering if perhaps there is someone out there that might be interested in beta-reading for me, I could really use the help seeing as my grammar and spelling do tend to mess me up. Hopefully the following chapters will be free of errors, but no one's perfect so if something's weird, just tell me. Thank you for your time, and enjoy.