arrive by tonight" Titus responded taking up a toy plane that had caught his eye, "well then we Expect the Vampires and Aquarians by tonight and the Banshees by morning" get everything set we have to prepare for the beginning of the gathering.

Nightfall quickly came bringing Viron and his escorts with him, Viron was mature for his age and he had much experience before him as well for with the death of his father he was now King of the Vampire legion and he was bringing a change to his race although he was being hampered by rouge vampires on the loose he swore not to continue the bloodshed and he was being commended for this by many races on Earth, "so I see you avoided the stakes and Sunlight" "Titus, always a pleasure" Viron responded to Titus's remark clenching his pointed teeth together, "better be careful we don't want your delicate fangs to get damaged now do we", Edea who saw what this was building up to quickly stepped in "boys now behave like adults and put you differences behind you for now ok we have more important matters at hand", "Edea as radiant as the last time we met" Viron greeted Edea and gently kissed her hand making sure that Titus saw it" "watch out he doesn't try to sneak a snack", "TITUS" Edea shot through her teeth, "Malone can we get everyone settled, Tomorrow the Banshees, Centaurs, Harpies and Mages arrive" Edea told Malone as she placed her hand over her mouth covering a yawn. "what about the mutants" Titus asked looking concerned, "we have linked with the psychics and telepaths they will spread the word from there on, but remember their still human" Malone informed him, "that's why we invited the world leaders here we sent .. special carries to get them, we'll talk about it tomorrow I'm tired" Edea turned and left the room full of men behind her, she wondered how everyone was going to react when they all met again, the last inter-congressional gathering was nearly 5 centuries ago and now they had to include the humans as well, her intuition told her that things were just getting started.

Morning seemed to come as quickly as everyone had laid their head down to rest and it was sounded by the cries of the arriving Banshees, "Damn, I forgot about the racket that bunch makes" Titus said pressing his hands to his ears, the group assembled by the front room to greet Myrna and her group as they landed in platform 4. "We welcome you your highness" they greeted as they knelt, "it's nice to see that young one these days still maintain a natural balance for respect" Myrna said as she descended from the platform, "we have much to discuss, I still think it unwise for the elders to send the teen-agers to handle this matter alone but that is not the topic here", "Mother doesn't think we can handle matters such as these" a young female Banshee hidden between the rest moved forward, "Shyara" Titus and Viron said under their breath, "Dea" Shyara said as she rushed and hugged Edea, "you came" "if left to my mother I would have sat this one out" Shyara said turning to face her mother, "i see not why Triton sent his son in his place and as for Viron well to my knowledge Strikyra is still your caretaker until you are of age to acquire your father's kingdom", "we have accessed the situation and everyone feels that it's time we take over" Viron said looking around at Titus for help who in this case backed him up to the fullest, "as it is we have a task ahead of us the rest should be arriving through-out the day and we have to prepare for the arrival of the person that shall represent the world government" Malone interrupted as he held out a schedule in his hand "good in that case you guys will give me a guided tour" Shayara said as she grapped Edea, Titus, Malone and Viron one by one, "be back in awhile mother" she said as the group disappeared behind the divider curtains.

Myrna turned to one of Virons escorts an elder vampire from the time when Viron's father was in power, "Lastyrr this does not sit well with me, I wouldn't have thought Strikyra would let him take on such important matter this early" "I asked her to come and be a watchful eye, but he suspects that I accompanied them to watch him" Lastyrr said as the two stepped farther over to the corner, "Titus was forceful as well some thinks that it was foolish for Triton to entrust Titus this way" an Aquarian added walking towards the two, "Serpentus, I see you also disagree with the actions that has taken place" Lastyrr said with a distasteful tone, "it is not up to us", "you're wrong Serpentus when the time comes we will take charge these children doesn't realize just what they are playing with" Myrna told the two guards as beneath her breath as they dispersed back to their groups. Deep in the dark region a scout was reporting to a mysterious shadow, "what have you found out" "just as you said the Alliance is broken, they have trouble reassembling", "good they would like to hear this, ready the dark legion we move at their command and I want our new general out of the fray" the shadowed figure said moving back onto a metal podium, may I ask why not have him lead the first wave in" "it is not your place to question, remember that" it said in a cold dreary voice, "he will be made aware of when the time is right".

The day was coming to an end and with the coming of the night brought the Centaurs, Harpie's and Elder Mages along with it, "it seems that they're still in discussions over who shall represent the Humans" Malone said resting a phone down on the table, "politics" Centron the leader of the Centaurs grunted, "welcome to all that are already here we have 75% of the total group, the gathering shall commence tomorrow morning all are required to be in the summit at 8:15am, all centaurs follows me, Harpie's and Mages follow the two escort to your left" Malone took the Centaurs through the passage and disappeared but not before he got a look of approval from Edea, She was amazed at the way he took charge of the entire thing, she knew that she could not have done this without him there, "so you two still beating around the bush" Shayara asked nudging Edea gently in her side, "you just wont quit will you, for the last time me and him are friends plain and simple you know buddies", "you do know that most if not all relationships begins in the friendship stage", Edea turned at this comment and glared at her for a few seconds before heading for second floor, "come on Dea I'll stop I promise, I'm kidding" Shayara called out but it was to deaf ears, "tomorrow ok" she called out before the door closed behind Edea .

"isn't disharmony your thing" Titus said to Viron who was watching everything, "stop making me out to be a parasite fish boy", He responded as he got up and left the room as well, Shayara who caught the response approached Titus "you two still behave like 5 year olds you know that",, "thanks but no thank you, you caused me enough trouble, don't you think so" Titus responded before turning and heading towards the Aqua bay, "it not you everyone's just a bit under pressure you know", "Malone, you scared me, but it's true I have caused a lot of trouble be it past or present and now I have to try and make up for it" Malone watched Shayara turn and head past a clustered group of Harpies and Centaurs before turning the corning and vanishing from sight, "we'll make it better princess the two of us has a lot of repenting maybe me most of all" He said to himself between whispered tones, "I pray that they do not know what I have done and what I know for they shall hate me, maybe even Edea I can't have that" he thought maintaining a much control as possible so that his thoughts could not be invertedly intercepted by the others. Everyone laid back in their respective rooms and all eyes were on the sky trying to see past the stars as if trying to get a sense of what was going on up there behind those stars.

But beyond the dark plans were being made and the first wave had already made it to the Distanoes Galaxy, "what are the projections" a tall figure asked as he walked into the control room of the massive flag ship, "commander Haleos, we're currently in the Distanoes sector and at our current speed we should voyage through the remaining three galaxies in a weeks time sir" the control panelists said turning away from his screen, "Remember we want to keep a stealth trajectory at all times we must not tip our hand until the Queens arrive", "Magdala" The commander said greeting the slim well sized woman who had walked in behind him, "and what of our new head General" Haleos asked giving Magdala a piercing stare form the corner of his eye", "He is not to be shown yet, I assume our Majesties has other arrangements were he is concerned", "But why put him in charge of the main forces when he is not even going to lead the first attack, I find it ver..", "Haleos you know as well as I do that this does not sit well with the elites but we do not control this anymore Lilith and Aragana does and we serve them besides this way when he does make his appearance it will send those fools into so much panic they won't be able to defend against us", "you say that like the first attack will fail Magdala, do you know something" Haleos asked watching Magdala's face for a change of expression, "all in good time Haleos, all in good time".