He arose from the flames like the phoenix arises from the ashes, someone had awoken him from his slumber, the eternal punishment of a thousand years wandering until he was released, but it was too early some powerful force had brought him back, and then the two Queens stood before him in all their darkness. His eyes now burned with rage once again and the pact was made, the pact that would bring the universe to its feet.

Edea had sensed something but she paid no attention as she was busy learning the mystic properties of the crest of Emarend an artifact left to her by her parents before the Emerald Nation was crushed in the Dark Wars. Talks of the Dark Queens escaping the Nexus was spreading through the galaxy, planets that has long ago abandoned the warlike ways were now taking up arms once again for they all new the Nexus was a dieing universe of powers and to escape there was a powerful task, Earth was now on the defense as well but the hidden inhabitance of Earth now had to be know to one another and this was a challenge especially if the rumors of the Queens were true, the assimilation of Earth's forces had begun at and all the world leaders were on their way to the Bermuda Triangle, it was the Universal congress for Earth and it was time for the humans to learn this.

"Princess, the Banshee Queen and her escorts have just left Stone Hedge, and we have confirmed reports that Prince Titus will be taking his fathers place in the congress" "thank you Malone" Edea turned to her trusted right hand and her best friend Malone Gryst a orphan that fled the crumbling flame Empire as the Queens Army destroyed it before their imprisonment in the Nexus, from then the two grew up with each other and he helped her to become the young woman she was today and she helped him to tap into his abilities as well, his ability to feel for someone again although he would not dare reveal this to her.

"are the preparation ready for their arrivals", "we're getting everything set now" "and about time to" Edea and Malone turned to see Prince Titus standing in the entrance of the door water dripping from his body, "your Highness" he said greeting Edea as he kissed her hand, still the flirt you were at twelve I see, I thought 7 years would change that but I was wrong" She said gently removing her hand from his grasp, "we weren't expecting you so early Titus", "I swam ahead I thought it was to long since we last spoke, so here I am" Titus said with a slight smile, "prince Viron and the vampires have been located near the Caribbean their awaiting nightfall to reach here by tonight" Malone said giving Titus a crude glimpse out of the corner of his eyes.

"Give them a crypt to revel in" Titus sneered in a angry tone, "I see you two are still disagreeing" Edea told him looking for his expression, "we were like 12 Titus can't you two put it behind you", "there are thing more important than what went on seven years ago" he said looking around, "oh yeah that whole incident with the Aquarian and Vampires over some territory dispute" she said turning to Malone, "why can't you lets them have the island" Malone asked looking at Edea, "the point is not about territory they were sacrificing on that island and the blood has attracted several distinct type of malevolent sea creatures that threaten the young Aquarians that train in that area, we had to put a stop to it", "well in any case your room is set up will your escorts be joining us soon" Malone asked looking through the port of the congress window, I assume they will