That Night

That night I didn't believe what they'd said
Last night you died sleeping on Nanny's bed
What can I do?
How can I get through?
Who can I call when the nights get long?
I sat up in my bed hoping they were wrong
The night that they told me that you were gone
How can this be true?
How can this be real?
All of the hurt and the pain that I feel
You left me and my sisters her to cry
Tell me Daddy, why did you have to die?

Timothy Dale Parris
July 15th 1958- September 17th 2002
Father of three daughters and boyfriend to Sandra

A/N- Yes, how can this be the way to pain that I feel is three
lines from an N*sync song, but I didn't realize that when I wrote it. I
don't listen to them! I hate them! My friend does though, I had never heard
those words until *after* I wrote this! I swear! Oh, I wrote this the night
after my father's death. It was cold, and raining. I couldn't sleep and
pulled out my pen and paper. It sucks, but it's mine. I love my father, and
miss him very much. P.S. Sandra is not my mother, his girlfriend, my
parents divorced when I was two.