An Enlightening Obituary

The lights died today. After fifteen long seconds of painful flickering, they lit up one last time; their brightness was fit to be comparable to the Northern Lights. They had been at the prime of their white fluorescent life and now they were gone; they had blinked out of existence.

Now when humans die, there is always a special ceremony in their memory where the women weep like moody clouds and the men sit like soldiers. Like all my other human friends, the lights had changed a part of my life, which is why I wrote this paper in their memory.

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to dispel darkness in one shine, the lights at the end of the hall were great superheroes. They sat on the ceiling and shone down all day like faithful guard dogs watching over their territories. At night, the lights slept like professional spies, their senses tuned to perfection so they could shine at the slightest sign of movement. And when the evil boogie monsters came creeping up on young, innocent students of Blue Valley High School, the lights were one step ahead. They fired their rays in the boogies' eyes and, much to everyone's relief, sent the boogies into the shadows.

The lights at the end of the hall were the area's mini S.W.A.T. team, local detective agency, personal alarm system and deputy to the sheriff's deputy. They were wonderful Jacks-of-almost-all-trades and need to recognized and honored for what they were.

A/N: This was a short piece written in my Search for the Unknown class. It's supposed to be creative writing that contained four similes, four metaphors, three personifications and three allusions (on separate sentences and no filler sentences). As always, please review!