Gun in my hand
Pills on the stand
Knife by my side
According to you these things I tried to hide
When in reality
You just didn't want to see
Don't you get it? Don't you hear me?
Don't you understand the pain in me that runs deep?
It's almost one in the morning
You'd say I pulled the trigger without the slightest warning
But you and I both know that's not right
I gave you warnings every day and every night
The poems I wrote
The stories and the note
They weren't made up shit, they were all real
Just like the pain that I feel
You didn't see what was right under your nose
To ignore my warnings was the path that you chose
Every death hurt, from Dad down to the cat
But they weren't the only reason my life might end with the sound of a gat
Death, despair, dying
These were the things I felt while crying
Life, happiness, living in a dream
These were how you wanted life to seem
So my last warning is being told
My life is shit and it's always cold
So goodbye Momma
My life's ending the way it started, in drama

A/N- that last bit will be cleared up when I get my 'biography' up. It'll
explain how my life started with drama! Oh boy will it!