My Last Goodbye

As I sit in this chair
Death is in the air
As I hold the gun to my chest
I know this way is the best
It's my time to go
This I know
"It's all up to you
whatever you do"
That's what they said
So I choose to be dead
Since God won't take me from here
Then I'll do it myself without any fear
I used to pray for death every night
But you never could understand my frights
I knew there were ghosts following me
So from the dark I would always flee
But now it's from the light that I run
Things in which I once found happiness are no longer fun
My life is upside down
It's been flipped around
So now as I sit with my finer on the trigger
I know now I'll be happy, at least that's what I figure
I pressed down
Left my frown
Now I can soar in the heavens above
In a place where I know I am always loved
Goodbye cruel world!