Angels, you laugh. You've never seen one except on re-runs of old sitcoms. I have seen one, smelt her hair, and tasted her lips. But it was me that brought about her end. They don't exist, you might think. If there are angels, why haven't they come to rescue you yet, you may ask me. My answer would be, because you don't deserve it. You've never actually seen the things you've seen on Lifetime movies. Young girls that are being raped, mothers being abused, children running away, or even the more common drug addict, no, you have only seen it on TV. Never tasted it or felt it hot on your mind. I am here to tell you what I have seen. You think your petty arguments with your mother and ongoing fistfights with your brother deserve attention? They don't. While you spend Christmas with your grandmother and eat ham and open gifts, homeless families huddle in dark alleys around a fire in a trashcan. While your mother sings to you and walks in the dinning room with a cake aflame with candles, someone somewhere is searching a dumpster for a leftover hamburger that the maggots haven't claimed. Need I give you any more examples? So you think you have it bad. You have no idea about the world around you. I hope this story will open your eyes. Open them with a new understanding for death and new compassion for the living.