Karasu. Karasu no sei. Me. That's my name.

It's a normal day. I'm feeling a little depressed, but that's ok. Just. wandering around the streets. There isn't really much to do on a Sunday afternoon. Ah. it's that song again. Sekirei.

I'm a fairly average-looking girl. Just pants and a t-shirt, I wear pretty boring stuff. I don't attract attention. Why bother? Listening to Gackt music on the walkman. Meh.

I find myself at the park. I'm getting a little tired, so I sit down against one of those big gum trees. No one's around. Not surprising, it's a fairly overcast day and a little drab.

Contemplating. life. Yeah, that's about it. Why am I here? Why do I exist, for what reason? Is there even a reason? Or am I just here to live out my miserable little life, with no reason, no purpose? Ah. it's a confusing existence. Confusing and pointless. I am useless, really. I can't even help my family, or my friends. Don't even know why they are my friends. I'm just a weird, stupid person with no originality. I hate myself! I don't even let them see what I am. well. my other side. The depressed, pensive, suicidal side. They all think I'm so innocent. And continually on a sugar high. I guess it's just because that's my personality when I'm with them. but it's so fake. I'm so fake. It's all a mask that I use to cover my past sins. So many lies. my life is a lie. Time after time after time, I cover up the truth, conceal it, make excuses. I'm so undeserving.

So undeserving, yet so privileged.

I hurt people, yet what have they done to deserve it? I am the one who needs to be hurt.

/Clawing, slashing, ripping skin/

I'm so selfish, and others are so selfless.

/Red gaps in the flesh, red stains my fingers/

I fight to suppress manic laughter. This pain. it is so amusing. So. fulfilling.

/Crazed eyes, burning into my arm. Burning, whilst I claw. Burning, whilst I rip/

I wonder, why don't they just let me rot? I deserve to.

/Blood, blood, where are you? You haven't yet spilt from my flesh. You still hide. underneath the skin. underneath the mask/

Eyes wide, twin flames of insanity burning in them. This is what it is to hurt yourself, is it? I like it..

And suddenly it is over.

And all I am left with are many questions.

And the lingering pain.

Oh, the crow I am is deserving of much more than this.

Author's note: This really did happen to me, and it is almost exactly as I told it. A little exaggerated in some parts, but nothing to affect the overall story. This is just my recount, please no flames because it was quite recent, and I'm still a little disturbed. If you don't like the concepts, don't bother reviewing, but if something's wrong with my actual storytelling or grammar or spelling go right ahead. I know this will probably disturb some of you, but that's just the way it is. Thanks guys, ~Karasu