My Story

Here's a story about my demise
A story telling how and why I died
A poem telling what killed me
I guess, in a way, a sort of autobiography

I lived a life with no hope, but all fear
I lived a life with nothing but tears
I wove a web of deception and lies
I wrote a story full of cries

I sat in my room with the door locked
I sat on my bed, staring at the clock
I wrote my book about my doomed life
I told a story about my life of strife

I wrote stories depicting a happy woman
I wrote poems about the girl that always got her man
I wrote my wishes, and I wrote my dreams
I wrote about the perfect teams

Physically, yes, I'm still alive
But mentally, along time ago I died
Not because of dad
Not because my home life was bad

But because inside I'm always sad
One thing led to another, and it made me so MAD
Why could good things never come my way?
Instead I worry about money and school, day, after day, after DAY!

So no I'm not dead, on the outside
But, like I said, inside, a long time ago I died
Maybe, just maybe, now you'll understand why

For my mom, who I hope this helped