Dreaming at night,
I slip into an unknown world.
The sky is many colours,
Like that of a rainbow.
A waterfall lies underneath it,
High as the mountains;
Distant scenery.
Standing before me,
You take my hand,
And lead me over,
To the falling water.
You guide me along a path,
Of unique rocks,
And stand with me,
As the water slides from my head,
Down my body.
Staring into your deep brown eyes,
I can't help but enjoy,
This paradise with you.
But the happiness,
It doesn't last long.
And soon you start to fade.
We're pulled apart,
Your hand reaching for me.
I close my eyes,
Wishing to be with you again.
But when I open them,
I'm back in reality,
Out of my dream world,
No longer with you.
Hopefully tomorrow,
When I climb into my bed,
And close my eyes.
I'll travel to our secret place,
Where we will be together,
For another night.