I finally realised that nearly all my stories and whatever I write is full
of death...

Flickering Light

I see a flickering light,
Deep down in the dark, dark night,
The wind is howling,
The wind is blowing,
And many hopes have died.

The flashes of blood,
Mingle with the mud,
Scenes alight in my eyes,
Things that I couldn't recgonize.

Flickering light,
I see your flame,
Deep down inside,
I can feel your pain.
You're not giving up on life,
No matter what I do or say.

Flickering light,
Please go out,
Because all my life,
I have lived with doubt.

The moon shines like a siler stone,
Planted on the lush and green grass,
Full of blood and is alone,
Waiting as time pass.

Flickering light,
End it here,
Because I've fought with all my might
And I can feel death's shadow hovering near.

I'm still a rookie at poetry writing, so I apologize for any mistakes...
Reviews are really appreciated. And don't be surprised if this ounds a bit
like 'Life's Brief Candle' by Shakesphere... I kinda got the idea from that
guy, and I only read that... poem that made me get only get two questions
correct out of ten... Hey... this was for my litreature!