Keep Singing

Light. Red light. I wonder why it's red? Ah, I have my eyes closed. That's why. Peek one open. Ow, that's bright! Shut it again. My eyes slowly flutter open by themselves. White The light is bright. So is everything else. White ceiling, white walls, white bed, white curtains, white me. What the-

Where am I? Ah. Hospital. That's what they call these places. How'd I get here? Can't remember. That's odd. Hm, things look different from this perspective. How did I get here? Ok, let's sort things out. I am. I am. Holy shit, who am I? Who is- everyone? Ok, ok, calm down. There should be a button I can press for a nurse or something. Stand up. Search the roo- Woah. everything's spinning! Flomp. Ok, back I am at square one. Back on the bed. How wonderful. Ah, a little red button by the bed. Got some squiggles below it. Can't be anything important. Hee hee, it's fun to press. Probably should stop now. People are coming rushing in.

"A-are you ok? Is something wrong?"

Hrm, he sounds frantic. "Well. not really, it's j-"

"Don't press that button again! It says 'Emergency', in case you hadn't noticed!" Ooh. Feisty. "Ah. sorry. I thought it was to call a nurse or something."

"In that case, press the one that says 'Nurse'."

Yep. He's definitely annoyed. "Err. well now you're here, I have a question."

"Well, spit it out then."

"Uh, actually it's a couple of questions. Ok. First, who am I? Where is this? How did I get here? Who are you? Wh-"

"Ok, ok. Actually, we were hoping you'd tell us who you are. You had no identification on you when we found you. This is the Berleny Hospital, and someone brought you in. You were just knocked out, but it seems you have amnesia. I'm Dr. Barry Smith, and these are my colleagues."

Ok. So. WHAT THE FUCK?! Well. I know where I am, who they are, how I got here, but not who I am.

"Uh. can I leave then?"

"Well. yes. but only with an escort. You're still in a fragile mental condition and we don't know what might happen if you're on your own. Besides, it's 11:00 at night. Maybe tomorrow. Oh, here's some clothes you can wear."

Nod. Damn. That's annoying. This white is really starting to get on my nerves.

"Um.. You can go now I guess."

And exit stage left. Well, now I'm on my own, in this stupid white room. Hrm. Anything to get out of this white nightgown. Jeans and a t-shirt. It doesn't matter.

Still got a few cuts from. whenever I got them. Ah. A crow. Black, shining wings. Pretty. Well. Nothing else is coming back. I guess I'll make up my name then. I'll call myself. Crow. Because that's all I remember. Ah. a scar on my arm. I remember that. I was so miserable that day. Oh well. Now I have a name, I know where I am, and why I'm here. Don't know anyone though. Bah. Oh look, a window. I'm not that big, I can fit through. Yeah. Bye bye, stupid white world. Ow. Crap. My shoulder really hurts! It's sorta hard to see. My left eye feels weird. Close the right one. Oh. Ok. Didn't see that one coming. I'm blind in my left eye. Ah well, as long as I can see, what does it matter? Coming. Coming. ech! And. Out! Hello, night, this is Crow. I'm ok.

Make a new life. Forget everything else before. Not that I can remember anyway. Sit down on the street corner, just start singing. I have a good voice. That's interesting.

Just keep singing.

Author's note: Hey everyone! This is just a little thing I decided to write because. I felt like it. Reviews, comments, constructive criticism, destructive criticism aka flames, compliments all widely accepted. Especially compliments XP but I get too many of them already.