I came into this world on the 13th of February 1985, which I believe was a Wednesday.

5 to 10 minutes later (I can't remember which) I was followed by my twin sister. We were 3 months premature.

I weighed just over a pound, she, just under.

I was christened Renai Lea Thompson. She, Jodi Lea Thompson. Our parents gave us the same middle name. We were christened in the hospital together, as there was a minimal chance of survival for us both.

Jodi lasted a total of 9 days.

We were both tiny (Dad's wedding ring went up to my shoulder. My head was about the size of a tennis ball.). We we're put on life support. I gradually got stronger and was able to breathe on my own. Jodi never did. Eventually her lungs filled with water and all her organs shut down.

My parents were asked if they wanted to hold her after she died. They didn't, but the hospital too some photos of her that are kept in my photo album.

Now I consider her to be my guardian angel. I talk to her occasionally, and sometimes wonder what it would be like if she had survived, but I can't picture it.

Her gravestone reads (this is from memory and not completely correct): Here lies Jodi Lea Thompson. Beloved daughter of Sherron and Geoff, and twin sister of Renai Lea Thompson.

We only went to visit her grave once when I was about 7 years old (I think). Mum just cried. We've never been back. We don't even live near there anymore, but one day I'd like to go back.

We could have sued the hospital for Jodi's death, but we never did. My mum had tried to tell them she was in labour, but they didn't believe her (I guess it's understandable as we were her first children, and there can be a false labour in pregnancies), but if they had listened to her, they could've been more prepared for our birth. Although I'm unsure as to whether it would have made any difference anyway.

I was later 'received into the church', which was basically a second christening, but it was important for my parents (who aren't particularly religious) to have us christened together in the hospital. The second one was for family and friends etc. and I guess it was kind of a celebration that I had survived.