Can you hear my heart?
It's pounding loud and clear
Pounding for you
Whenever you get near

Can you see my eyes?
Everything's so blurry
All these fading images
Caused by melancholy

Can you feel my soul?
It's growing fainter everyday
Soon I'll be defenseless
When the monsters come to play

Can you taste the fear
Seeping out of me?
The darkness is consuming
Bringing me to my knees

Can you sense my hope?
You crushed it with your lies
I've nothing else to live on
The life inside soon dies

And when you see me falling
Does your heart go down with me?
And when you see me gasping
Does your breath turn raspy?

You left me all alone
The red rain pouring down
The voices always taunting
Choking me as I drowned

When my soul is released
I'll look down from above
And wonder how a person like you
I could have ever loved.