My name is Umbrius, the dark Dragon, Lord of the Seven Tides. I rule the three tides of time, past present and future, the tide of thought, the tides of light and darkness and the tide of wisdom. I have ruled the great tides since the death of my family, several millennia ago. Before I became the Lord of the Seven, I led a very happy life, even though I did face death and resurrection thrice.

I was born, or rather, created in the year 2,332, made to be THE ultimate weapon. It was in the middle of a vast war within the universe. My father was losing in a power struggle, he and two other beings were battling over several areas of a galaxy. The two beings were rivals and hated each other, but both were far more powerful physically, magically, and militarily than my father was. My father, many years before then, began working on a machine than would fuse anything inside together. After he built the machine, he began to kill, collect, and cryogenically freeze the greatest warriors and mages of each being he came across. By the year 2,332, he had built up a vast collection, one of every creature from the size of an ant to the size of the greatest of the Great Wyrm Dragons. Then he wrote several minor programs that were to be uploaded to me, just to make sure that I would always be under his control. One of which would mentally bind me to him, he would then always know where, how, why, He used his machine, as well as a little magic, to fuse all of the creatures into one being. But, somewhere among the millions of calculations there was a mistake. This mistake caused two beings to be created, not one. Those two were myself, Experiment 689, and my brother, Experiment 690, and instead of me being mentally tied to him, I was linked with one who was born at the same moment that I was, she will be discussed later, but her name was Minerva Liberty Taylor (Minty for short). Though we were considered a failure, my father decided to NOT waste a chance, and he began teaching and training us. When we came of the correct age, he sent us to two separate on-board (on one of several space-stations) schools and had us trained in magic, fighting, and strategy. He was trying to see who was the superior sibling. He soon found out that 690 was physically stronger than most of his teachers, though he was slow physically and mentally and had very little magic, whereas I had incredible magic and speed, normal wit, but physically I was a runt, I could barely lift even 80 pounds when I reached the physical age of fourteen.

However, I will not bore you with these petty details, I will tell you, in-depth, my life story as far back as my first memory . . .

I awoke in a large metal chamber, vaguely aware that someone was next to me. I was only a few moments old, but, due a glitch in the calculations, I was aging rapidly, one hour for every second, but its was slowing on an exponential scale, in other words slowly slowing down, and I new somehow, someway, that one other nearby was going through the same thing.

Soon, I was taken out of the first room, only to be put into another one, and once again I wasn't alone. But, for an unknown reason, I could sense the person next to me. I could feel her mind, her very soul, it soothed me. I noticed that she was built differently than I was (I later discovered that she was called a 'taur), but my body, slowly, shifted until we matched types.

Over the next three years, I spent more and more time with this other person, called Minerva, and I found out that she was aging as I was (due to the glitch-link), we had both reached the effective age of eight, and now our aging had slowed to that of a normal person and was still slowing . . .

"Hiya, Minty," I exclaimed, bounding up to her, "So . . . d'ya got the stuff?"

"Mornin' Joey. Yeah, I got it," she replied excitedly.

"Good, we'll set it up after school today, now come on, we're late. If I'm late to class again, dad's gonna ground me . . . again," I urged.

We set our prank stuff in my room then ran down the halls of the space-station to our classroom. We just crammed in the door as the late bell rang.

"Good morning Joseph and Minerva. Nice to see you on time today," said Mrs. Czech, our teacher.

She then had us open our workbooks to a certain page, but Minty and I weren't listening. We were talking to each other by way of our mind-link, no one knew that we could speak mind-to-mind.

: :So, who're we prankin' t'day?: : I asked.

: :How 'bout Mrs. Czech?: :

: :'Kay, she's hard to get, though.: :

: :Yeah, but with this stuff we just got, its gonna be more fun . . .: :

"Joseph, Minerva, what is the answer to question three?" asked Mrs. Czech, who knew that we weren't listening.

"Sorry, don't know," answered Minty after taking a moment to look at the question.

"Well, you're the teacher, you should know, shouldn't you?" I replied, being a smart-ass. "I mean, if you don't know, then you must not be a very good teacher, huh?"

Minty and much of the class giggled, but Mrs. Czech looked a little peeved at my smart-ass remark, "Joseph, I am going to have to have another talk with your father." She then went back to working through the first few problems with the class.

: :Aw, Joey. Now you're gonna get grounded for sure.: :

: :Yeah, so I guess we gotta prank her -right- after class.: :

The rest of our day was pretty uneventful, besides Minty and I cheating on our tests and work by giving each other the answers. But soon, school ended and we ran my room to get our prank supplies.

"It's 'bout time that the stupid shocker arrived. I was beginnin' ta think that it would never get here," I said as we pulled out a small, one- button device and several little stickers. It had cost us each four months combined allowance, but we finally bought it.

"'Kay, ya ready Minty. We practiced this magic for weeks. I will move the stickers and our seeing to the room, you've gotta put one sticker on her butt, and, if ya can, one right under my dad's tail."

"He's gonna kill you if he finds out that its us."

"Yeah, but its gonna be worth it ta see his face when he gets a 'big shock'."

We got to work almost right away, I scryed out the room, so that Minty and I could see in from my room, took the stickers there, then held the spell as Minty strategically placed the stickers.

"Your son, Joseph, and his partner-in-crime, Minerva, are continuing to cause disruptions in my class, I will not allow this much mo-" began Mrs. Czech, but she and my father suddenly yelped in pain and surprise, "YEOWCH."

They yelped several times before finding the sticker and removing them. I ended the scry spell and we burst out laughing, unable to breath correctly for almost half an hour, which was okay for me, I didn't need to breath, and we were both extremely red from laughing so hard. When we finally finished our uproarious guffawing, we destroyed the evidence of our prank, literally, for we conjured some fire and burnt the stickers and remote to ashes. We were both well know in the station as pyro's, so the smell of burning would not be questioned.

My father came home just as we had gotten the ash off of the floor, "6 . . . 8 . . . 9 . . . GET IN HERE NOW."

We knew by the tone in his voice that I was in trouble. I walked into the living room, bade Minty a sad good-bye, and sat on the floor, being unable to sit in a chair in the 'taur form I had.

He had an angry look on his face, "689, I am very disappointed in you. Why do you insist on back-talking all of the teachers that you have?"

I could tell by his expression that he didn't like my answer, "Because its funny?"

"You know, that I'm going to have to ground you, don't you?" at my nod he continued, "No video-games or allowance for a month and extra combat lessons."


"Because, you will start doing what I made you for, in four days you will start fighting in the war. I know that your magic and speed is up to standard. Your mage teachers tell me that you are learning almost faster than they can teach you."

I just stared at him, mouth gaping, "Just remember, 689, the faster you do what I've told you when you get out there, the sooner you can come back in here and play with Minty."

I just nodded then went to my room to mind-talk to Minty, who (via the mind-link) heard everything.

: :That sucks. Now we're gonna have even less time to play.: : I heard Minty complain in my mind.

: :Yeah, but I read about something that might be able to help us, a demi-plane. The book we need on how to make one is in my dad's restricted library. Its gonna be hard to get but I think that we can.: :

: :We?: :

: :Yeah, we're gonna use that energy combining thing that we learned.: :

: :'Kay, that sounds good, but what in space is a demi-plane?: :

: :A demi-plane is kinda like another world built inside of another one, but it takes up no room. It is just a much bigger and more advanced E.D. (extra dimensional) space.

"689, it is time to go to your magic lessons. Go and get Minerva and then report to your instructor," I heard my dad call to me.

: :I'll meet you at the class door.: : I told Minty, who also heard my dad.

In our magic lessons, we were learning how to make bigger E.D. spaces, or magic spaces that held more than what it normally could. We knew that Mage Isynchris was forbidden from teaching us how to make a demi- plane, or some other magic of such advanced level.

I had to stay, long after Mage Isynchris dismissed our class, for extra lessons. Thankfully, Minty stayed with me and helped to make it more bearable. I had to practice most of my damaging magic, some of the healing magic, and a few spells of banishment.

Luckily for us, that day was the last day of a school month; we would now have five days until we had to return to class. Our parents let me stay at Minty's over-night, and Minty and I spent all of the first two nights trying to get past my father's protective wards on the restricted section. We finally succeeded on the third night, I just got mad and took a magical "swing" at the barrier. That just happened to be dad's pass- code.

But, as the saying goes, 'It takes more energy to miss than to hit.' We got the book, but I was so tired from exerting myself that I actually fell asleep standing up. Though, I did NOT awake that way, but I did wake with a bruise on my head.

We didn't have time to try to make a demi-plane because at noon my father came to get me, "You will be doing your first battle today, 689."

We got into one of his battle cruisers and headed to the front-lines of a minor battle. Now, dad made me train in the simulators so I knew what to expect, but here I could actually get killed. We landed on a small planet, where, apparently, there was a small battle going on.

My father sent me out to fight, my very first battle.

I decided to get this over with as soon as I possibly could, I sent a bolt of pink lightning at the nearest enemy. He exploded in a bloody, gory display. I focused some more energy into a ball about the size of a basketball, then threw it as far into the enemy ranks as I was able to. I guess I used more than I had thought, because the explosion even sent me flying backwards, but where it hit there was nothing in a 100-foot radius.

I then came upon my first real challenge, a mage. He laughed at the notion of confronting a child, but I made him eat that laugh when I focused my energy into a disk about 3' in diameter and hurled it at him.

He barely brought up a shield in time, then retaliated with a disk of his own. Now, during one of my simulator sessions, Minty taught me a trick when being attacked with energy disks. Just before his disk hit me, I rammed my palms together, catching the disk millimeters from my face.

I breathed a sigh of relief at having actually caught it. Then I threw it back and fired a green beam at him. He shattered the disk with a small blue bolt, but the green beam caught him by surprise. It hit him squarely in the chest and he turned to dust.

I went back to my father, very worn out. He had an officer escort me back to the station, where Minty was awaiting me expectantly.

"I need to rest, I used up most of my energy blasting . . ." I trailed off, having collapsed from exhaustion . . .