Umbrius: We are so happy to see that you are enjoying our life story.

Ixiuss: Bri? What's wrong with Kyr?

Umbrius: She's mad because I won't let her dictate the adult scenes of our story.

Ixiuss: That makes sense . . . anyway, we have a new character to introduce in this story.

Spiel: Me? Isitmyturntobeintroduced? Comeonintroduceme,itsmyturn itsmyturn itsmyturn! ! !

Umbrius: Spiel, you are not supposed to reveal yourself before you are introduced in the story.

Spiel: Sorry, butIjustcan'thelpmyself,Ijusthavetotalkandtalkandtalkandtalkandtalkandtalkforeverandever-

andeverandeverandeverandeverandever. Ididn'tmeantointromyselfbutyouhaven'tletmetalkatallsofarandI-needsomeRELEASE!

Umbrius: Sorry about that Spiel, anyway, I'm going to jump ahead a bit. My draconic youth is not very interesting, as I spent most of it being a bestial being, not until near our sexual maturity do things get interesting.

Kyrana: Bri, my dear sib, don't forget to tell them about Coveter.

Umbrius: Ah yes, thus far, no one has seen or heard of (or from) Coveter, not since our first death. Another thing, Jen, Minty, Ash, and Andy pooled their money (and had to earn a bit) to purchase a house on a backwater planet called Earth or Terra or something. They live away from the city so as to not attract attention; most humans had seen dragons, just many had not had true personal contact with one. That is where I will tell the story from, so don't get confused and the time frame is about 1200 years from our second birth.

Ixiuss: Bri, don't forget to tell them 'I' and 'we'.

Umbrius: Mm, yes, nearly forgot. For now, I will refer to Kyr, Ix, Spiel, and myself collectively as 'we' or 'us', when I am including any other person I will use 'we all' or 'us all'; however, if I say 'I' I am referring to on my head, not Kyr's or Ix's or any of the others. I am very aware that this is not correct grammar, but it helps reduce confusion. Bear in mind that we have not used the human languages in such an extended period of time that we may not remember much of it, so please bear with us.

(Back to the story)

(My perspective)

We woke to Minty saying my name and tapping our back with her finger, "Joey, Joey, it time to get up."

We growled a bit before lumbering up off of our warm space in the middle of the room. We swiveled our left head on its two-foot-long neck to look at Minty and give a playful growl.

"Don't give me that, you have to get up now," she said pointing a finger at us.

We gave a playful nip, one from each of our four heads.

Two nipped her, but the other two she grabbed and gave a playful shake, "No, no, none of that. Now get up, it's time for lunch, you've slept through most of the day, again, it's now almost four."

Our lithe, cat-like form stood. We towered over Minty, her six-foot-two-inch height barely coming to our shoulders.

"Good, hurry or we'll eat it all." She walked past us into the kitchen; we caught her scent as she went by. We loved her scent, we wasn't sure why, we just did. Right now, her scent was especially powerful, she was in heat, and we were in or near puberty, so it had a very strong effect. Also, we had been noticing the ladies' . . . more prominent features. Minty had caught us looking once, and since then hasn't been much help, wearing very low-cut shirts, a bikini, or nothing at all; she thought it was good fun, though we never complained.

We padded into the kitchen to see Jen at the stove finishing up the last bits of the meal. Minty came up behind her and put her arms around her and they exchanged a kiss.

Jen looked over to us, "Look who finally decided to get up."

At that, Ash and Andy, who were seated at the table, looked up and smiled.

Minty helped Jen bring the rest of the food, all of which was loaded on the ten-foot-in-diameter circular table, and Jen sat in a chair and Minty sat on a pad on the floor, being a taur was a pain sometimes.

We, too, took up a spot on the floor and began eating; each head dived for a different food and began gulping it down as fast as possible.

Our eating habits didn't bother the others any more so they began loading plates too.

About halfway through, we all heard the front door open and shut and Mia's fifteen-year-old voice rang through the house, "I'm home, I hope you saved me some food!"

We all heard a thud as she dropped her school bag and I swung my head around to see her enter the kitchen behind me.

She gave us a hug, "Hi Daddy, Kyr, Ix, Spiel, move over and let me eat too."

I licked her face before we moved over a bit and let her start loading a plate. For a girl her size, she ate a substantial amount of food, this came from her magic, she used it a lot, so she needed all the energy she could get.

"How was your day at school, honey?" asked Minty.

"Good, we had a party in second for all acing the last few tests."

"Hmm," replied Minty through a mouthful of food.

"Mom, can I go out with Johnny tonight?" Mia asked, hope clear in her voice.

"That depends, where are you going?"

"We're going to the movies; then to eat."

"Yes, you can go," she replied.

"Thanks Mommy," she said, giving her a hug.

"Okay everyone," said Minty, in her matriarchal voice, "who's turn is it to do the dishes?"

"It's my turn," said Mia, raising her hand.

Someone had to do the dishes after each meal because almost all of them would be used in one sitting, Mia and us ate a lot, not to mention that Jen, Ash, Andy, and Minty could put away a decent amount of food.

"Hey," said Mia, just noticing something, "where'd Kitty run off to?"

"I dropped her off at her friend's house," answered Jen.

Little else was said throughout the rest of the meal. Afterwards, we helped Mia load the dishes into the sink, then Mia cast a cleansing spell, instantly cleaning the dishes, and we helped her put them up.

Afterwards, she went to get cleaned up for her date and we went to the living room to flop down on the floor.

Jen walked across the room, and we found ourselves staring at her chest. Then Minty grabbed my head and pulled it eye-level with hers, "You naughty little dragon," and she kissed each of our foreheads.

She then cradled my head on her breasts. We loved it when she did that, her chest was so soft and she scratched and massaged my head.

Then it happened, my second first erection (yes second, this is my second life) (first for the other heads). All three were standing stiff.

Minty could scent our arousal, so we couldn't hide it.

"I've been waiting for this time to come," she said, hugging us tightly, "I've missed you so much, the old you."

She brought my forehead to hers until we were touching. I felt a massive rush as she unleashed her magic and a flood of memories filled my mind. Due to our mind-link every memory I had before my death she had as well. She pumped each one into my mind using our link and her own powerful magic. Once all my memories had been set in, she gave me all of hers too, all the way up until now.

I brought a clawed arm around her, "Minty, my love, I'll never leave you again."

Minty was crying, "I've missed you so much." She looked over her shoulder, "JEN, ASH, ANDY, MIA! IT HAPPENED, HE'S BACK!"

Everyone came flooding in; luckily my erection had ceased.

I gave each of them a hug and kiss.

Minty, Jen, and Mia were the happiest to see me, being much closer to me, but Ash and Andy seemed sad.

I could sense their sadness; my empathic power was as strong as ever, "What's wrong with you two?"

They started; they hadn't known me long enough in my previous life to know I had the empathy power; "Were going to miss all of you."

Jen looked hurt, "You're leaving? Why? YOU CAN'T!"

"We promised to take care of you if Joey left, but now he's back and we are no longer needed."

Jen started crying and Minty spoke into my mind, : :Do something Joey, I know you love her and I all of them.: :

I nodded, "Asheer, Andrea," I said, speaking formally, "it would be my pleasure to welcome you to our family."

Jen smiled at me, "Really, y-you want them with us?"

"Of course, you love them, Minty loves them, I . . ." I hesitated, I hadn't said 'I love you' to anyone other than Jen, Minty, and Mia. I turned to them, "And I love you."

Mia, who was also crying with her arms around me, spoke up, "I glad your back Daddy, I missed you a lot."

"I've been here, just different," I replied.

I felt her nod; then she backed up a bit, "Daddy would you . . ."

She trailed off but I knew what she wanted, something I hadn't done since before I had met Jen.

I teleported everyone outside, and magically lifted Mia into the air. She knew the flight spell, and, effect wise, these were the same, but when I lifted her, there was more sentimental value.

"Me too, me too, me too," said Jen.

I launched her too; she gave a childish squeal as she flew through the air.

As soon as I set them down, Minty wrapped her arms around me, "Do you think you can give us some 'action?'"

"Not right now, there's something I need to do first. I'll be back later."

I heard a few disappointed 'okay's and I shifted to my first form, the clawed/taloned/dragon-winged humanoid.

Then I launched into deep space.

From Minty's memories, I got how bad their home was, never working correctly, so I was going to fix that.

But first thing's first, to a mage library; I needed to find out how to separate the other personalities from me.

The best one was 'Dyran's Library of Lore.' He always knew what he was talking about.

It only took about four hours of flight to get there, the lore keeper, a lich, and one of Dyran's disciples, recognized me, "Ah, young Joseph, what need you to research this visit?"

"Giving multiple personalities their own bodies."

"Ah, I have just the book for you." He handed me a large dust covered tome, "Chapter three, page five-hundred-and-sixty-eight."

I opened my demi-plane, took a seat, and began reading. The spell was simple; I managed it without any problems. Before me stood Kyr, a black-haired blue-eyed woman that looked as though she both was and wanted to be a porn star; Ixiuss, a wizened old-looking wizard, and Spiel, a gnome (not a garden gnome, picture the gnome from the dragon-lance books by Margaret Weis or the gnomes from Dungeons and Dragons) with black hair, a goatee, and mischief in his eyes.

After we separated I still had full power, all the others had one-fourth of my power.

I heard Minty's voice in my head, "Joey? Are you okay? You feel like something was removed."

"I'm fine, but I have a surprise when we get back, I'm just not sure ANY of you will like it."

"I guess there's no way to get you to tell me, so we'll be waiting."

Kyr looked at me, "We know who you were talking to, even though we don't have the link with Minty. You know that we are staying right?"

"Yes, when we get back, I'll find a place for all of you."

"What do you mean by 'a place'?" Ixiuss asked.

"Kyr, for instance, would be happiest with Ash and Andy."

They all nodded.

"How much of my spell knowledge do all of you know?"

"None," said Kyr.

"Most of your spells," said Ixiuss.

"Illusionsonly," came the quick, but proud reply from Spiel, "Illusionsandanythingthatcouldhelpwithtrickery."

"So basically ALL of my spells?"


"Then let's go home, how many of you know my teleport spell?"

Ixiuss and Spiel did, "Okay then, help me teleport us home."

We invoked the teleport spell, which sent us home in seconds.

The girls were outside waiting, just as Minty said.

"Who are they?" asked Minty, pointing to the three behind me, "Are they who I think they are?"

I read Minty's mind and nodded; she knew.

I looked to everyone else, "This is Kyrana, Ixiuss, and Spiel," I pointed to each one as I named them; "I used a separator spell."

I knew it was cheating, but only Minty noticed when I used a little magic to make Ash and Andy a bit more intrigued with Kyr and her with them.

"I have a few more things to do, enjoy yourselves."

I launched again, teleporting halfway across the universe. When I arrived, I noticed that teleporting that far had barely drained me, : :Where did all this power come from?: : I thought to myself.

I always got stronger after healing, but I had never gained this much power, maybe dying and coming back had brought much more, it was the only thing I could think of.

I looked around me and walked to my destination, THE biggest arena in the universe.

I walked up to the attendant, "Ticket please," she asked.

"No, I wanna compete."

She laughed at first, then stopped when I wasn't, "You're serious?" I nodded. "Okay, sign here, here, here, and here."

I read first, I had been suckered before by not reading the fine print.

I signed; the contract basically said that the arena was not responsible for any injury I might receive.

"Down the hall twelfth door on the left."

I nodded and proceeded. In the room were some of the biggest burliest fighters and wickedest looking mages I had ever seen.

Someone looked at me, a mage, "Yes, young one? Do they need us?"

"I'm a competitor you dumbass."

Everyone in the room laughed at me, but I just sat, they would see.

After about an hour, an attendant came in, "Joseph and Vernex, you two are first."

I stood, so did the man next to me. He was wearing full-plate-mail and carrying the biggest ax I had ever seen, all of which was covered in runes.

: :Be careful, Joey,: : I heard Minty say in my mind.

: :Okay,: : I didn't know how long she had been watching, but she would get a good show now.

Out in the arena, many people were watching, and above them all was a huge sign, on it was a digital read of my name and my opponent. Underneath our names was how much was bet on us and below that was how much we would win if we won.

The announcer spoke, "Ladies, gentlemen, and otherwise, we have a new combatant today. We have Yesterdays winner, Vernex, fighting newbie Joseph."

I heard boos for me, and many cheers for him.

"Fighters, get ready, get set, LET THE COMBAT BEGIN!"

He rushed at me and I launched into the air, barely avoiding his huge ax.

I fired a blast down at him. He deflected it with his ax, kicked his heels with his toes and came up after me.

He swung at me again, I summoned an energy staff and blocked just in time.

But, I hadn't been good enough, the ax cleaved the staff, which dissipated, and went right through my arm.

My arm had been severed just past the elbow.

He laughed, "You are too easy."

He stopped laughing when I started, "You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. Look."

I held up the bloody arm and he watched in amazement as it regenerated right before his eyes.

I channeled a massive amount of energy to make a kitana and lashed at him.

I wasn't very good at using a sword, but I could attack faster than he could with his bulky ax and armor.

With a few deft swings I had disarmed him and removed his helmet. I had cheated slightly, using Minty's knowledge with a blade to improve my own skill.

I had bested him in his own element, "Bow or die."

He lunged at me and I rammed the blade at his face, killing him.

My grip on the sword lapsed and it dissipated, the body fell to the ground.

"THE NEWB JOEY IS THE WINNER!" the announcer said.

I went back to the room, where the fighters backed away from me. The mages, however, seemed eager to fight me.

After two hours, my next battle came. I was pitted against a mage, she seemed to be a very experienced one.


"Fighters, get ready, get set, LET THE COMBAT BEGIN!"

Avala started by firing a fireball at me.

I let it hit me, my true form was resistant to energy.

Based on her energy and the strength of the spell, she was testing me.

I held my fingers together and, with my palm facing her, unleashed my Scatterblast.

She made a gesture and a nearly invisible sphere emanated from her, canceling out each blast.

She retaliated by firing a green beam at me. I back-hand swatted it, sending it to the ground. Where it hit, the ground disintegrated in a ten-foot sphere. The spot on the back of my hand where it had hit looked rotted, but in a moment it too regenerated.

"Nice trick, deflecting my ray. Now, try this on for size!"

She fired another, but about ten feet from her, it split into hundreds of identical green beams.

I fired my scatterblast in retaliation. Her beams hit my blasts and they exploded violently, decimating the battlefield.

The field was enchanted so it regenerated.

"Not bad," she said, "But you are too young to be able to challenge me. The battle ends now."

She fired the beam again, but instead of hundreds when it split, it became millions.

My scatterblast could only stop so many. Thousands of beams hit me. I fell to the ground; only my torso was intact.

I heard the announcer say that Avala had won.

The arena cleaners carried me off the field. After half of an hour, I had regenerated. I went home, I had lost.

I took my winnings from my first battle and teleported home.

As soon as I had arrived, Minty was hugging me.

"Hi love, you miss me?" I asked.

She was crying.

"Minty, are you okay?"

"I'm so sorry Joey."

"What? What happened?"

"I was talking to Kyrana, and I found out that there's one thing preventing you from reaching your full power."

"Uh-huh," I said, confused.

"Me, I'm the one thing holding you back. It's because we're not bonded."

Now she was wailing.

I held her tightly, "I don't care, Minty. I love you, it doesn't matter how much power I have."

She sighed, sniffled, shifted to a two leg humanoid form, and dropped all her clothes, "I want to bind us; that will open up your power. I hate the fact that I'm holding you back in any way."

I backed away, feeling very confused. Whatever Kyr had said, I was going to kill her.

Minty took a few steps forward, "Take me, it's the easiest way to work this spell."

"But Minty, I-"

She fell to her knees, "Joey, I love you. Its wrong for me to hold you back, I truly love you and I can't knowingly do it to you."

"I don't know what to say. I love you, I have never stopped you from doing something no matter what it was. I concede to you now."

I took her, as lovingly as I could, she seemed distant throughout, though.

During our moment, she was weaving a complex spell. I watched in amazement, she had a massive amount of control over her magic.

We climaxed as one; that was when she released her power.

A painful sensation came over me, as if two hands twice as big as me were mashing Minty and I together.

Instantly, Minty and I became one being.

I felt her mind recede into mine and my energy overflow.

Then it all stopped, I had ultimate power, and Minty was gone.

I screamed in rage, I didn't want power, I wanted Minty.

I pushed my power, flexing it, then spending it. I magically grabbed the fabric of the universe and yanked hard, pulling it backwards.

All around me, time reversed to the moment before climax, I spent the remaining power to bind Minty and I before she did and to counter her magic.

Most of the power I had was gone, but Minty was still here.

She looked up at me, "What happened? Why didn't it work?" She started crying.

"It did," I told her, lifting her chin so that I was looking into her eyes, "I had ultimate power. I used it to reverse time, which brought you back, and bind us without fusion."

"But, I am still holding you back, why…"

I stopped her, "You, I love you. All the power in the universe is worthless to me without you."

She held me tightly and sighed, "That's what Kyr said would happen."


"She told me the best way to test to see if you truly loved me."

"Why would you doubt it?"

"She has your way with words. She said that you might not TRULY love me."

I summoned our clothes, "Kyr and I need to have a few words."

I went inside and found Kyr, Asheer, and Andrea kissing.

I grabbed Kyr and teleported as far away as I could.

When we arrived, I threw my fist into her face, "WHY IN THE FING HELL DID YOU DO THAT TO MINTY?"

She stopped herself, she could fly as well as I could, "I knew there was a chance that she could be given doubts, this was the only way to abate them."


I gathered all of my power and let it explode. Kyr and I were sent flying back to the planet, which we arrived at quickly.

We landed, making a huge crater at least fifty feet across.

We stood, I gathered as much energy as I could from the surroundings, fixed the landscape, picked up Kyr's limp body, and started walking back to the house.

We had landed only an hour from the house, I flopped Kyr's still limp body down on the grass and proceeded inside.

Ash and Andy were nearly in tears, thinking I had taken Kyr and killed her, "Where is she?"

"Unconscious in the front lawn. You two love her, so I didn't kill her."

They rushed out to see how badly she was injured. Jen watched me from the doorway, "Are you okay Joey?"

"I'll be fine…"

She was suddenly at my side, hugging me and crying, "I've missed you, I thought that you were dead for sure."

"What would you have done?"

She didn't answer, she only cried into my chest. That was answer enough for me, I held her closely.

I sensed Minty behind me, both happiness and sadness crossing her mind. She loved me too.

I pulled Jen off, pulled her over to Minty with me, and hugged again, this time including Minty.

I heard them whisper, "I love you."

"I love both of you, too. I'm sorry I was gone so long."

"With you gone," started Jen, "I realized how much I really loved you. Had you been really dead, I don't know if I could have kept going."

Minty butted in, "You remember why he died, don't you Jen?"

"Yeah, he saved me from Coveter, I remember, but that was so long ago."

Minty looked speculative, "I still don't understand why you, Ash, and Andy are still alive."

Jen looked at her, "What about you?"

"I can't die as long as Joey's alive, so I found out, and it seems it will take a lot to kill him. But that still doesn't explain why you've lived so long."

"Magical bleed-over," I said, and she slapped her forehead, "Of course."

Jen looked confused.

"Magical bleed-over," Minty started explaining, "happens when a creature becomes bonded to someone or something and their magical auras differ greatly, you bonded yourself, somehow, to Joey. When that happens, magical properties are transferred from the more powerful aura to the weaker aura."

"Which means…" said Jen.

"Which means that his aura lengthened your lifespan, made your magic stronger, it should allow you to regenerate slowly, plus with Joey's aura it could include any number of other small abilities."

"Is that what happened to you?"

"No, the magical bond Joey and I have is not the same thing that you have with him. Our bond is a very powerful ritual spell. We share thoughts, sensations, power, everything. When we cast magic, we both draw from the same mana pool, the stronger we each get, the more we contribute to the pool."

"Wait, sensations? You mean if he gets hurt you feel it too?"

"Yes, but if he is massively damaged, it doesn't cripple me with pain, I just know where he hurts and how badly. But its not that way from me to him. When I get hurt, it shows on him, he is just more resistant to damage than I am, plus he can regenerate almost as fast as he gets hurt."

"Okay, I'm bonded to Joey, why are Ash and Andy so long lived? They are half-dragons and half-dragons don't live this long."

"You are bonded to them, I am not sure how or why, but you are and they gain the same benefits you do."

Jen hugged me tighter, "As long as I can be with him, I'm just fine."

Minty joined us, "We will all be happy."

Just then Ash and Andy came in, carrying Kyr's still unconscious body.

Minty gasped and ran to help, "JOEY! DID YOU DO THIS TO HER?!"

"Yes," I said, defiantly, "What of it?"

Minty just sighed.

They set Kyr on the couch and Minty called some power to heal her.

Kyr woke, "What happened?"

Ash and Andy were instantly with her, helping her up, "It was Joey."

Kyr shook her head, trying to clear it, "Oh yeah, sorry about what I did Joey, but I had no other choice."

I jerked my head in Jen's direction, "What about her?"

"Don't worry about it, hers is something different."

I nodded, calling on my power, "Kyr, as mad as you made me, thanks."

She just groaned in pain, indicating that she heard me.

I let go of some more power, sending her, Ash, and Andy to their bedroom.

"Now, if you will excuse me ladies, I'm tired." I left to the other bedroom.

Jen and Minty were close behind, "You can't get off that easily, you owe us a little 'fun' time," Minty called.