Finding Peace - Faith's Journey

Faith's journey is a long and trying trail,
And you may oft feel no one is with you
But God is there beside you, 'neath a veil,
To step out when strikes pain or strife anew
To let you know he's there, to hold you tight,
You know you'll carry on until the end,
You'll make it through the long and arduous night,
If fearless God's word you can defend.
You will again find that you're not alone,
For others, unbelievers will believe,
And sinners, come repenting, come to roam,
To find the greatest kingdom, ne'er to leave.
No more will you for loss or pain grieve deep,
For now in Heaven, safely you may sleep.
September 2003
Author's note: This was a poem I did for school last year. I was a happy
little bubbly Christian and yes this is what I wrote. Some of these
opinions I don't carry now, but I still like it. Tis a sonnet, they're hard
to get the rhythm and the rhyme right