Shades of Light and Shadow

Starting in darkness,
Unknowing and shadows, trying to keep you
From journeying to light.
The way between:
Filled with obstacles and tests,
To trip you; trap you; pull you down.
Choices along the way:
Once you make them, there's no turning back,
A bird past halfway on its journey of migration.
Once you make the wrong choice, the way is easy,
But leads back to whence you came -
The darkness and shadows.
The journey, like life, is full of doubts,
Pain, and dark rumours.
Often feeling you're alone,
Though in truth, you are not.
God, an eternal light, is always there to guide you.
Keep the faith.
Never turn from the light.
For that is the Lord.
September 2003
Author's note: Also done for the poetry assignment. Free verse, my
favourite style. ^_^ This one's slightly darker than Finding Peace, but
similar ideas. Review please? I'll give you a cooooooookieeeeee! :P