just wrote this when I was bored and had nothing to do... These things happens, you know...

I can feel the darkness creeping

Closer and closer like a shadow

All I hear is you weeping

Other than the blowing curtains on the window.

Sitting here deep in thought

Nothing special I see

Withering on the last piece of memory I've caught

Just about you and me.

All I can do is wait

Ignoring the shadows of darkness

Trying to accept my fate

That you're gone and there's only loneliness.

The last light of today has gone

I can see the shadow creeping near

The feeling of death on our bond

But I don't want it to end it this year.

Have you ever felt like the water

Calm and silent,

Regretting it much later

Because its just as violent.

That's just how life is

Not your simple fairy-tale

Full of bliss

When its actually a gale