Forgive me but I am the ocean

And you appear to be a wind child

All lightness and blue glassy beauty.

If I were to press my warm mouth to your surface

Will I even see a mark that I was near you?

Or will you breeze on your clouds above me


Forgive me but I am the desert mesa

And you appear to be a moonchild

Veiled in lacy lavenders and rosy pinks dawns

Full of pure whiteness like milk.

If I was to sing my dusty prayers to you in praise of you in honor of you

Will you even bend an ear my way?

Or will you continue, absorbed in your own light?

Forgive me but I am the virgin forest

And you appear to be a nymph child

Full of laughter and cruelty and innocence

Your hair a tangle of narcissus blooms.

If I were to try to slow your running with eruptions of flowers

Blood red sunset orange evening purple

Will you make a crown for your brow and skip away

Or will you stay a while

In the heated hush of the jade streams and buzzing dragonflies

And dream green luscious visions with the scent of warm earth filling your nostrils?

Forgive me but I am your temple

And you appear to be a wandering Buddha.

Face jovial with inner peace and wisdom.

Rainbow mandalas swirling upon your fore head and throat.

The sari you wear-chakra kisses of emerald and garnet silk.

The scent of lotus blossoms is on your breath as your

Lips form the sacred words echoing through my halls.

If I were to shut my doors to you would you try to find a way in?

Or would you change your religion?

Forgive me but I am your home

And you appear to be lost.

Come back to me.