*Your Broken Angel*
A heart made of glass,
so easily shattered,
broken to pieces,
and blown away,
my heart made of glass was resting in your hands,
but like everything I've give away,
its been returned broken,
the only problem is,
you don't seem to realize,
that you've broken my heart,
and returned in pieces,
somehow you cant see,
how much you've hurt me,
I know the secret,
I know it now,
everything that I touch,
with my person made of poison,
becomes broken and ruined,
destroyed so easily,
everything I've learned,
I've learned it the hard way,
you've taught me so much,
without even knowing it,
my heart made of shattered glass,
tell the whole story,
inside and out,
its easy to see,
you've broken it all,
and yet you don't even know it,
my tears are falling,
my beautiful crimson tears,
they fall so the ground,
and turn everything around,
I've learned the hard way,
that love is just a game,
a game played by fools,
a game full of pain,
it isn't real, it isn't lasting,
just like everything else,
its blown to the wind,
still a fool made of poison,
a fool like me,
played the game,
and became a crumpled being,
now I have nothing,
except the shattered pieces,
my heart is destroyed,
trampled on like a forgotten toy,
and here I lay,
dying inside,
my body is screaming,
as I dig deeper,
it doesn't matter anymore,
I've lost it all,
my pride,
my hope,
my little emotion,
its all gone,
blown to the wind,
I cant see how this happened,
I don't understand,
how could I be so stupid,
how could I be such a fool,
why did I play this game,
I should have known,
there was no way to win,
no way to survive,
I've been hurt again,
my walls destroyed,
so here I am,
a nothing,
a bleeding figure,
here I am now,
your fallen angel