Let me do yours now
And you reach for my hand
Digging into the bottle of polish
Spreading it across my fingers
Our eyes locked the whole time
The blackness coating my fingers as yours slip
So clumsily, through mine
Who knows where the innocent splashes of paint will lead?
A bed suspiciously in that corner, placed there for us?
Your gaze leaves mine, slides towards those pillows
But we can't
We can't
So the polish tells us all we need to know
As it runs up and down our nails
I can't tell anymore
Are our hands different?
Maybe we could stay like this forever
Sugar coated intoxication that never has to end
Time for me to leave
My hand brushes yours as I stand
I will you to do something more
But all I see is the lid on the polish being replaced
And it's over
Until next Saturday