In Dreams by hitomi_kun

Chapter 6

Mabelle rushed out of Kaede's house, tears blurring her vision and making her run away even more difficult. She hailed a cab and got in, wiping her eyes dry with the back of her hand while giving the driver David's address.

I need to see him.

She leaned back on the seat cushion and sighed miserably before blowing her nose with a tissue. I know Kaede; he didn't mean to yell at me. It's clear for anyone with eyes that he's depressed about Nina. Whatever could have happened to her? Where is she?

She sniffed twice and looked at the familiar road leading to David's place. I need to tell him about this so he can help me and tell me what to do.

After passing three more blocks, the driver stopped in front of David's garage. She reached in her pocket for money and was about to give it to the driver when she saw her boyfriend with a blonde woman's arms wrapped around his neck. She gasped in surprise and told herself to calm down and keep her jealousy in check.

I shouldn't jump to conclusions, she chastised herself. Who knows? She might be a cousin or something. Yeah, that must be it. A cousin of his that he hasn't seen in ages and just dropped by for a visit.

Assuring herself with those words, she gave the money to driver and pulled open the door when she witnessed the girl stand on her toes and kiss David on the lips.

Cousin?! Yeah, right! Cousin my ass! Who am I trying to fool?

Pulling the door close, she continued to glare at the woman menacingly, wishing she could just go out there and rip her head off for touching her boyfriend. Boyfriend? Wait a second. I don't think so. Boyfriends don't go about their girlfriend's back and kiss another woman for the heck of it.

She turned her face away from the scene in front of her and told the driver to take her home to Hyacinth Boulevard.

David pushed Sarah away from him and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Sarah, I told you already! I'm not interested in anyone else. I love my girlfriend."

Sarah pouted her mouth prettily as she untangled her arms around his neck. "But David, I'm a lot better than that chit you call a girlfriend. Don't you want to have some fun with me tonight? I'm all yours…"she purred.

"No," he replied curtly. He moved away from her and saw a cab at the corner of his eye. He managed to catch a glimpse of Mabelle in the back seat before the cab rode away.

"Shoot!" He ran towards the cab, yelling Mabelle's name over and over again.

I am so dead.

Realizing that he couldn't possibly catch up with the cab, he stopped in his tracks and went back home. When he saw Sarah still standing where he left her, he glared at her and controlled the urge to commit first degree murder. "I hope you're happy!" he lashed out angrily as he opened the garage and got inside his car.

Sarah just smiled smugly. "Couldn't be happier."

At the Gimenez residence…

After paying the cab driver for the additional fare, Mabelle got off and made her way towards the front door, wiping her tears away hurriedly before she knocked on the mahogany door. Her dad opened it and smiled up at her. "Hey there, sweetie."

She gave her father a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. "Hey, dad." She took one step forward and fainted.

"Princess!" her father called out in alarm as he caught his daughter just in time.

Her mother stepped out of the kitchen and rushed to the main door to see what was wrong. She took one look at her and yelled, "Michael, call 911! Hurry!"

Michael, Mabelle's older brother, bid a hasty goodbye to his girlfriend and immediately dialed 911.

Her two sisters went down the stairs to see what all the fuss was about.

"What happened?" asked Michelle, the eldest of the four siblings.

"Sister!" bellowed Marione, the youngest of them all, as she ran towards her fallen sister.

"Hello 911?" Michael asked in a panicky voice. "We need an ambulance at House 14, Blue Street Hyacinth Boulevard. My sister's collapsed. Please hurry!"

Mabelle was rushed to the hospital when the ambulance arrived ten minutes later. Inside, while oblivious to the loud sound of the siren, her crying mother refused to let go of her daughter's limp hand.

The rest of her family followed closely in the family car. All five of them offered a silent prayer to the Big Guy.

Please let her be okay.

David in his car…

He accelerated the speed of his car, desperate to talk to Mabelle and explain everything.

"What the heck have I done?!"

He ran a red light, unmindful of the tears that coursed down his cheeks. "If something happens to her, I'd kill myself. Darn that Sarah!"

Darn her? his conscience taunted. Be that as it may, but did you at least TRY to resist her charms? You knew she was coming on to you form the start. You just couldn't say no to a pretty face, can you?

He winced.

That proves it.

His brows met in confusion. "Proves what? I don't know what you're talking about."

It proves that you don't deserve her, you blockhead! Do you have any idea at all about what she saw is going to do to her heart? You ever thought of that?

David sighed as he unconsciously ran another red light, not seeming to hear the angry honking of the cars behind him.

You hurt her man. Real bad.

He arrived at her house a couple of later and noticed that the lights weren't on. He began to wonder if they went out for a family dinner as was their tradition every Friday night. He got out of his car and decided to have a look around. He passed by the garage and noticed that the family car wasn't parked there. He went back to his car and was about to insert the key in when he stepped on something. He bent to pick it up and recognized it as a hospital ID.

"What's it doing here?" he thought. When he came to a dreadful conclusion, he gulped audibly. "She's at Kuwabara General Hospital…"