~*wrings hands nervously* Okay this is my first fic and first yaoi so b nice. I kno it sucks. I'm not even sure where I'll take it. The idea just popped into my head and I started writing. I'm goin to need a lot of help in later chaps if they are any. Feel free to contact me in any way w/ comment, complaints and especially suggestions.~

Chapter 1
Prologue: A Good First Impression

Green eyes flew open to meet a smug pair of blue. He jerked and tried to use his hands to defend himself only to realize that they were pinned over his head to the armrest of the couch he was lying on. Alex stared at his assailant confused until finally the realization dawned on him. It's the 15th.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he shouted at the blonde that was straddling him at the waist. /And why the hell did I fall asleep? /

The blue eyes seemed to glow with pure delight and amusement as his captor slowly lowered himself down, his nose now touching Alex's. He never liked that look.

"Just what was asked of me." Alex could feel the words against his lips. Had he been in his prepared state of mind and not violently enraged he would not have done what he did next.


Lips covered his own and a skillful tongue set to work sending shivers done his body. It took only seconds for the shock to wear off. He pushed his body forward and enthusiastically returned the kiss. His own tongue working slowly. As he pulled away he could feel the body tense and the pressure on his hands lessen. He felt satisfied by what he took for nervousness, maybe even anger. Now he searched those orbs of blue, waiting for the expected sequence: shock, confusion, terror and anger. He found them and knew he looked smug as the sequence began. He slid his hands down in order to prop himself up.

Then he was confused again. There was no terror, only a strangely intrigued, almost happy look as his captor smiled. He wasn't supposed to smile. He was supposed to be pissed. He was supposed to try and beat his face in. This wasn't good. He propped himself further up in an effort to escape but two unbelievably strong hands griped his upper arms, slamming him back onto the couch. This is bad.

Blue eyes looked at him hungrily. He began to jerk, struggling to get free but like he said those hands were strong. Another smug smile spread across the unknown face as he again lowered himself onto Alex. Alex tried to move, his hands grabbing his attacker's arms. He turned his head so that all he saw was the grey couch. He could practically feel the blonde's amusement. Warm lips played along his neck and jaw, slowly finding their way to his ear. He felt a nibble at his ear lobe, a pull on the small hoop that resided there. The hands started to travel down his arms maintaining their restraining pressure. /No. No. No! /

"Stop it!" Alex was getting scared.

Click. Both heads jerked up as Alex and the blonde looked out into the hallway. /The front door. /

"Lexi! Could you help me with this? We may have to make a few trips. Lexi!"

/Mrs. Morgan! Thank God! / Alex looked at the blonde expectantly. He had to let him go now. Blue eyes looked at him quite indifferent to the new development. Then that smile returned. As did the fear.

"You gotta be kid." He really should learn when to keep his mouth shut. That tongue was back again, moving slowly, savoring each movement. This time fear had control as Alex tried to pull away, but the tongue followed, pressing him hard against the couch.