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Chapter 6

Leon sighed and tried once again to focus his attention on the papers before him. It didn't work. He looked up, taking in the rows of shelves with tables scattered between them. He glared enviously at the people occupying those tables, theirs heads down turned and hands writing furiously.

"Bastards." He muttered before letting his head fall onto the table with a dull thud thanks to the cushioning of his papers. He observed dimly that it had to be a lot of papers to dull that thud.

A few minutes passed quietly with him in that position until he felt a tingling on his thigh. He groaned and reached into his pocket to retrieve his vibrating cell phone (1).

"Hello." He said keeping his voice low.

"LEON!" Came the high-pitched reply. He winced.

"Hey, Leann. Talk quick…and quietly. I'm in the library."

"Ooooooh. OK. Just wanted to let you know that we're watching a movie at my place. See ya here in 'bout an hour."

"Not sure if I can make it. I'm swamped." Glare directed at abandoned but not forgotten papers. "How did you get my number anyway?"

Cackle. "I have my ways." More cackling. Nope, definitely not sane. "And you are coming young man. I have ways to get that done too." Cackling again.

"I'll try my best, but I doubt really it." Must get away. "I'll call you for directions ok? Bye." Leon quickly cut off the connection.

He looked at the phone in his hand for a few seconds before shivering and replacing it in his pocket. He'd spent a few evenings the last week with everyone, though not together. He'd seen Clara, Leann and Alex mainly at lunch or at Rosie's. Matt would join when he could but his project was killing him. Leon did happen to have a class with him though and that was the main part of their time together. They were an interesting group. Leann was just plain crazy, but for some reason he liked that. Clara and Mathieu were annoyingly in love and great people individually. And Alex was...well, Alex. Fun, sweet, cute and gradually warming up to the idea of Leon touching him.

Leon sighed. Odds were he wouldn't be seeing them for a while, especially with this project looming over his head. He pouted. That meant no Alex time. Damn bastards and stupid responsibilities. He shook his head and again tried to focus on the papers in front of him. It worked this time.

"Alright everyone. Spread out. He's in here somewhere and we are not leaving without him!"

"Leann, you are insane." Clara said blankly.

"Yes. We knew this (2). Now onward!"

"How are we even sure he's in THIS library? There are at least three on campus." Clara looked at the bouncing pink-haired girl exasperatedly. Said hair was now a different shade of 'pink lemonade' thanks to at least twelve hours in the Chem. Lab.

"Because Alex said it was his darling's favourite." Knowing gazes and smiles were fixed on Alex who growled and walked off into the library, blushing slightly.

"Aren't they cute?" Leann cooed before smiling and bounding off in another direction. Clara and Matt just stared after her before starting they're own search.

Alex grumbled as he walked. Cursing evil friends and blondes with amazing blue eyes. He moved towards the back of the library where the windows were. Leon had a thing for windows. He liked being near them and would always position himself as such. Alex couldn't figure out why but he knew that he liked that about him. Hell, he liked almost everything he learned about him. The fact that he liked lime in almost everything he drank. The fact that he considered video games certified forms of exercise. And the fact that he had this compulsion to touch Alex in someway when they we near each other. Alex blushed lightly.

He looked around, heart jumping when he spotted a particular blonde at a desk in front of two large bay windows. Leon's left hand was entangled in his hair while is right was moving rapidly among different papers making notes on God knows what.

Alex smiled at the frustrated expression and moved through the maze of bookcases towards him. His smile contorted into a frown when he came across two obstacles in his path. Gene stood in front of him smirking and flanked by two of his dim-witted followers. Usually Alex would have turned and left, would have found some way to avoid a confrontation but, as he could tell from Gene's stance, this was unavoidable.

Taking a deep breath, he walked up to them and stood, waiting for what as to come.

"It's good to see you again Mr. Joseph."

Alex snorted. "Always a pleasure to see you, Gene."

Gene's twitched a bit at the informality. "Well, I heard you have recently come into some good luck and I am here to accept your gratitude."


"Now, now Alex. It's only proper that you thank me for putting you in contact with your new sugar-daddy." Alex struggled to suppress a laugh. Gene saying the word sugar-daddy was just SO wrong. That and the look on his face was to die for. He was not pleased with the Leon situation.

"Well, that's true I must express my appreciation for that. After all you know how heart broken I was when you turned me down." Flirtatious smile. "And that combined with sweet Derek here's denial." Sigh. "I wasn't sure I could survive."

Alex watched in amusement as Derek visibly tensed. The memory was obviously still fresh.

"Of course, I'm still willing to give us a try Derek darling." Alex smiled and took a step towards to human mountain. Derek seemed to snap. He growled and grabbed Alex by the collar while knocking into a girl who had been trying to get away. Alex hadn't noticed her. He did notice the sound her book made as it connected with the floor. He just looked dully at Derek, letting the familiar numbness return.

Leon growled when his thoughts were interrupted by a loud bang.

"Damnit!" he looked up, ready to yell at the culprit. He scanned the room quickly, taking the view of disgruntled and disturbed students before looking in the direction of the offending sound.

He raised an eyebrow when he recognized Gene. He put down his pencil when he saw the satisfied grin on Gene's face. He stood up when he saw Derek, and he made a mad dash towards the group when he caught a glance of pink lemonade hair.

"Something wrong?" Leon arrived as Derek raised his fist. Everyone paused.

"Why Mr. Dustin. Good to see you." Gene smiled.

"You too." Leon said, his eyes trained on Alex and his listless expression. He raised his hand to Derek's fist, intending on lowering it. No sooner than their hands touch did Derek pull away, as if it burned, releasing Alex in the process. Leon looked at him curiously but dismissed him quickly. He slips his hand around Alex's waist, pulling him close to his side, worried and relieved when he didn't resist.

"I hope we haven't disturbed you. I realize you must be very busy, what with this proposal you have been working on."

Leon looked at Gene suspiciously.

Gene just smiled. "My father has been particularly vocal about this deal. It seems he has a high steak in the companies you intend on buying. I understand you'd be paying quite a hefty sum. But the rewards must be worth it. How much are you projected to make in the first two?"

"Now, you know I can't talk about till everything is finalized. Especially with a competitor."

"Based on my information it's at least a couple billion. That more than covers cost doesn't it."

"Tsk, tsk. Now Mr. Brooks, you know I can't tell you. I can't have that information becoming public knowledge."

"Don't worry. Of course, my colleagues and I won't talk. We understand these situations. And I'm sure the lil slut here already had knowledge of the dealings. Has to know how much to expect, no?"

Leon looked slightly surprised by Gene's statement, but he was fully shocked by Alex snuggling closer, wrapping his arms around Leon's waist and tucking his head under his chin.

"Well, of course I knew. Girl's gotta take care of herself, right." Gene snorted in disgust as Derek pales noticeably. Leon, on the other hand, was rather pleased and amused, pulling Alex even closer and dropping a kiss on his forehead. He catches sight of Matt staring at them and trying to hold Leann and Clara behind a bookcase. Leon smiled. They would have charged Gene had they seem him.

"Well, I think we've completed any business we've had Mr. Brooks. I'm can't say it was a pleasure. Hopefully we won't meet again." Leon said sharply, his tone commanding. Alex blinked, taken aback by the fact the Leon, always smirking Leon, could seem so…forceful (3).

Gene also blinked. That was the tone the oldest Dustin used outside this world. That was evidence of his power. He scowled before turning and leaving, his flunkies close behind.

Alex let out a sigh of relief and tried to move out of the embrace only to have the arms encasing him tighten their hold. He frowned and tilted his head up to glare at the man holding him. Leon just grinned at him before turning his attention to Matt who had finally release his prisoners. The girls stood quietly for a second, taking in the scene, before Leann's face morphed into a scowled and she stalked toward Alex.

Alex 'meeped' before snuggling closer to Leon, trying to use him as a barrier. This wasn't good. He could tell by the look in her eyes.


"Leann! We're in a library!" came Clara's low hiss, though her eyes said she agreed with Leann.

Alex sighed, pulling a little away from Leon so he could clearly see their faces.

"What was what." He said quietly, dully.

Leann's eyes blazed. She opened her mouth but was interrupted by Alex's glare.

"Leave it alone, Leann. It's none of your business what I do, what is done to me past or present and how I feel about it. Just let me deal with my own shit in my own way." Leann's eyes softened and Clara's stance visibly relaxed, as did Matt's.

"But, Lex..." Leann started.

Alex sighed in exasperation. He turned to face Leon again and let his head fall onto his shoulder.

"I know, Le. I know." Alex smiled as arms tightened around his waist. His eyes slipped shut as a hand slide under his shirt and started to draw patterns around the base of his spine. "You love me."

Mathieu looked at the pair with a smile on his face, but worry was still present in his eyes. He sighed and slipped his arm around Clara's shoulder before looking at them again. Leon smiled softly at the pink hair on his shoulder before meeting Matt's eyes, letting all his questions shine through. Matt just smiled and shook his head sadly.

Leann let out a tired sound then took a deep breath. Must. Not. Maim. Jerks.

"Leon. Where's your stuff?" She smiled as he blinked himself out of his reverie and pointed to a table in front of the windows. With a nod of her head Leann marched over to the table and gathered up his papers, stuffing them into his bag. She then slung the bag over her shoulders and marched out the library knowing the others would follow. She needed a movie right now.

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