Please, I have no idea where this is going so don't flame. Its crap i know. Anyway the characters aren't made to be nice, they're actually meant to be very annoying. I'll make them annoying later.

Also, I know Caspian is a terrible name but it was all I could come up with. Think of a better one and I'll change it.


The castle whistled like a giant pair of pan pipes. It was the depths of winter and the wind howled down the corridors. There was nowhere it couldn't get. Doors flew back with a crash as the invisible hands of the wind pulled open the latches. Scholars, their orange robes billowing, could often be seen around the grounds, grabbing futilely at their many books and papers that had somehow escaped their cases and now whirled in a tornado around them.

In the highest room of the highest tower (of technically the highest castle in the world, unless you counted the great space castle of the eleven highest gods which really was too high to be called high) Prince Caspian watched the waves scud across the Great lake far, far below. After a while, he found a rock and threw it but he had lost it before it was even a tenth of the way down.

He looked down at the sheet again. 'How is it possible to see the face of the universe in the waves of the Great Lake when seen from the highest room of the highest tower,' it said. Quite frankly, he had no idea. Luckily, the wind caught the sheet a second later and whipped it away. The test was over.

"Caspian! Dinners ready."

Damn maid.

"I'm not hungry, woman! Go away!"

There was a pause, like the calm before the storm. Then...

"Dont you dare talk to me like that, you little brat! Now get down here this instant before I drag you out myself!"

All of Caspian's life, he had been used to giving orders and having them followed, unquestionably and immediately. You could almost hear his universe collapsing.

"W-w-what did you say?"

There was no answer. The trap door that led up to the highest room of the highest tower creaked open and a face peeped cautiously out. It was quite handsome, with thick black hair, hazel eyes and a chin you could crack nuts on and rule kingdoms with. It scanned the corridor, then the trapdoor was thrown back and the young prince stormed out.

"Yeah, you'd better run!" he yelled to the empty corridor. A few heads appeared around the sides of doors. Scowling at them all, Caspian slid off to dinner. Rather faster than usual. With frequent glances over his shoulder.